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  1. US Army Officer Meeting is @ 7:30 PM EST This Saturday (2/1/2020) *NOTE* This meeting is not mandatory. All officers and Enlisted pls attend if you are able to, This meeting will consist of announcements and discussions within the branch. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Accepted Congrats, please contact a COL+ for your Captain Training.
  4. Armykid

    Armykid LOA

    In-Game Name: US LTC Armykid1324 LOA Length: 11/28 Reason: Gmod is not working and I do not know what to do I done what I can and I need time to try to fix it and the time I put might not be accurate
  5. +support +good solder +played on server for a good about of time +is willing to do what it takes +knows leaderships
  6. +support active good leader is willing to do what it takes cares for all solders
  7. Name and Rank: US LTC Armykid1324 Reason(If personal state "Personal"): I was out driving with my mom I needed hour for school and I need to learn how to drive I Promise to speak to and Officer or read Brief Letters to get details of the meeting(Put understood): understood
  8. +support follow orders does his job as a DI seen as a good leader is willing to do what it takes as a solder and a ranger
  9. time you can revolt the strike, you just need to do the application unless it was handed by gen
  10. idk what font to set to people have big font on mine
  11. +support -could put more for question 11 +experience with battle tactic +is actives on forms
  12. +support +has experience +is willing to do what necessary
  13. 1.What Is your In-game Name: ARMYKID1324 2.What Is your current rank?(1LT Is required) 1LT 3.Who would like to see you as a Captain?(Two Officer's MAJ+) Jay, Nova 4.Why should we trust you with being a Captain?(This Is Trusted and respected rank In The U.S): I will use my power to show an example of how to do a thing and I want to show others to lead and help others to battle to fight to help them train until the are ready. I also want to help out the server in any ways possible to keep this war never-ending. I hope to be like Orange he help me and supported me when I gave up I would do the same for other's trying to help them when they give up and when I do I hope they will do the same for other's when they fall in the same trap and can't get out I would like to be there to set them free to set them on the right path to beat their goals but no longer anyone will get stuck in that trap. 5.Why do you want to be a Captain (50 Words Min): I want to become a captain to show others and help others play and help them achieve their goals. I want to be an example of a next higher up or a person someone can look up to or talk to let them know that they are not a frailer but I want them to know it just part of there goal, to achieve your goal you must fail to understand what to do it might take many tries but in the end you will successes. I want to achieve my goal and becoming a general just like most. I want to show people tactics and show them what to do during a situation they might not understand. 6.What is your Time zone?: central 7.How often can you be on?(How many days/hours a week): On weeks days/school days I get off school/get home witch is around 3 and I can play like 8 hours but on weekends I can play all day like 10 hours depending if friends want to play but if I'm joining the server and a friend text me I will play on the server for 2 hour or more.  8.How much time do you have on the server (must be 5 days+): 6 days 0 hours 8 min 9.How many warns do you have?(Can be checked by !Warns no more then 10 on milrp PRP do not count) I have no warning. 10.Do you have any Active strikes?(If you do, then you will be denied): I have no strikes. 11.Are you willing to do what it takes to lead your troops into battle? Even if that means leading them straight into enemy hellfire? yes, I risk my life every time I'm on I am a combat medic and I'm willing to do what it takes to save any of us even if it means taking a bullet for any of our troops even it means we will win the war. I will rush into the war zone no matter what's there, I will run-up to a tank to distract while out troops fall back or take it out. (if there were grenades and there was a grenade throw at my squads I will lay upon the grenade to reduce the explosion and casualties if possible.) I would like to make it more clear your life is more imported then mine when I'm a combat medic if we are pin you need to try to save your self and not me I'm there for a reason to save and help you no matter the cost it's my job, duty and reasonability. Pls note when reading this if you put effort as a lack on my form pls put what need more effort on then just saying it cuz when you say why it will help me improve this form and others. Thank for reading this. its now complete you can now freely vote