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  1. HUGE +Support Chillest guy on the server and super fun. Great officer as well.
  2. +support. Great guy and cool. I like the twists on the events but I hate that grievous was used.
  3. I feel coming back in command restricted would be good.
  4. -support. I feel someone should be at least a major before becoming a commander of some type. Especially in rancor
  5. -support Abuses power sometimes and doesn't hear people out in sits. I hear complaints about him alot.
  6. +/- support. Nova is cool and knows his stuff but with shouldn't work with CIS ever. The rule of two exists so no other sith would work with the CIS.
  7. I like the enthusiasm and the desire and I like new people who haven't GMd before but the examples of events are really bad and Lore knowledge is very important. I'll say +/- support
  8. +/- support. Really good guy and knows his stuff. My only concern is you resign like every other week basically.