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  1. +support. Is active and already knows how to be staff. Fair guy.
  2. While I agree people can have their opinion it is not okay to spam how much you dislike things GM's do in OOC which is what he does. I hosted an event with flash once and he bitched about everything while sitting on a wall doing nothing. Just complaining. Also, in terms of events his event ideas were undetailed and the norm. We need GM's who can bring something new and unique so we stay fresh.
  3. While i like the 187th we do not have enough people. The 327th is basically already dead and they were just added back. WE need more people being active consistently first. -Support
  4. -support. No actual event idea on app.
  5. huge -support. We need to stop copying other battalions. It brings in new people yes but it takes from others. We need to have class diversity in battalions not have the same classes in every battalion.
  6. I have them all binded and it'd be nice to not have to keep doing it.
  7. +support on the first one but I don't think we need that many commander droid models when we already hardly use them in events.
  8. I found this once and thought it looked really good and I like the uniqueness. I also think having unqiue models for leads will help fill all the sub divisions in squads and work towards becoming and staying a lead.
  9. Force cloak has a timer. Saber throw can be dodged and only does 100 damage. Force lighting was abused until the sabers that have it broke. Force choke allows a GM or player to pick up someone and kill them with no counterplay. It'll be abused because it'll be Easy. While it is more accurate to have force choke this is also a video game and should be balenced as a video game. If a item or power has no counterplay then it is by definition OP. Players outside of GMs and Jedi will hate it. That is why it will be abused.
  10. I wanna support the app because it seems like you have the basics of how to start creating an event but you are arguing on your own app which shows you may not take criticism well and us GM's get alot of criticism everyday. -Support
  11. +support. I liked your off base event idea just make sure to leave room for RP where many things can change. There shouldn't be fixed points of story where something happens no matter what. I still like the base ideas.
  12. then the issue is changing the whitelist system. It'd be easier.