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  1. I will no longer be Lieutenant General Goofy, the myth, the man, the legend who has yet to be PK'd Its been fun boi's but honestly Im losing interest in the server and what not, (I did not mean the server is bad, I mean what Im doing is bad) but it is what it is. Im also moving in the next couple of weeks so instead of going on a LOA for like 2 weeks and losing my rank anyway Ima just hippity hoppity leave now and have a good time somewhere else. Being an LTG on this server atm isn't fun anymore. I personally had WAY more fun leading in the field as a Commander or something like that, that was just a lot more fun to me. Im still going to be on the server, I just no longer want to be a LTG. Sorry guys. Its been fun. I had fun leading the server and helping out the best I can and I hope you guys feel the same. Thanks to everyone who made it fun, I appreciate it. I haven't gotten this dedicated into a server in a very long time and I really do appreciate it. Ill still be around to help anyone that I can, I just want to do my own thing from now on and have fun again. Thanks to - Khalain Soul Bravo Jano Spirit Cortez/Silk HotShot Fuurlix - for some odd reason xd Spike - Back in the good' ol days Appreciate guys. P.S, ill note everyone and everything when I actually leave for good which im not doing just yet xd
  2. Remove this BG application please and thank you. Have fun in your future en devours.
  3. +Support +Active +Serious/Mature +Knows how to command Doesn't matter if he just got Commander, he earned it and I've seen it for myself how he handles shit. He would gain great experience becoming a Brigadier General and with the recent events occurring, this would be a great welcome. We need good people in a higher command position, This Man Is It. -Lieutenant General Goofy
  4. I have already spoken to you myself. We'll see how this goes.
  5. -/+ Support In the past you have been a tad mingey and I still see spikes of it here and there. But you've been active. Try to lead your men a bit more and become more serious because it is a Commander position after all. Being a Commander requires dedication and leading skills, personally I haven't really seen all that from you in a Leading stand point but overall you're a great dude. You can always improve so take this as you will. -Lieutenant General Goofy
  6. +Support Its something to at least try and if everyone ends up disliking it, we could always change back. +More Area +Better defenses for RP +More things to actually defend cuz they're important n stuff +Way better passive RP We'll have to set specific battle stations about the base which would take a little time but Im sure we could do it But do you know how this would all be better? BY ADDING A COMPASS if we were to have a compass it would be a lot easier to traverse about the base, bearings would help a lot. For example, if there were an attack all we would have to say is "DROIDS ON THE **NORTH EASTERN WALL** and everyone would know exactly where to go and what to do. Just saying. Please dont tell me I need to put up a suggestion post for that as well ^^^ - Lieutenant General Goofy
  7. +Support This mans is my equal, he passed me in ranks twice and I passed him in ranks twice, give him LTG and we'll be lovely together. +Mature when needed +Active +Gets shit done +Can RP (xd) +Understands how a command structure should be a executes it quite well. Give it to him please and thank you Sirs. -Lieutenant General Goofy ill never be PK'd you poopy head
  8. Hades Squad is something that can only really be perfected from a lower rank stand point, giving the fact that almost everyone in HS is either now a Commander or BXO or something makes it impossible for the squad to preform at its peak like it use to. But this doesn't mean CT's have to be crap. The LT's and SGT's should take it upon themselves like I did once upon a time to make CT's preform amazingly. It doesn't take a lot, trust me. I personally have never joined a battalion on any server except one so dealing with CT's is kinda my thing, but now I am almost in High Command, I can't really do anything about it anymore. I miss Hades Squad and honestly Im thinking about going back to it lol but thats for another day. CT's will also be missed treated, there is no stopping that, all you can do is show the people who are doing so, wrong. But things do change, and back then, things were different on the server.
  9. +Support Came from MillRP so of course this man knows his shit +Active as of late +Serious +Great field leader I haven't seen the 327th flourish like this in sometime. But with that being said, becoming a Vice Commander of a regiment without a current Commander, basically makes you the Commander. This will put you in a position where you will have to prove yourself and your worth in order to becoming the "One and Only" 327th Commander. That being said we all know you can do it. Good luck with it. (Have fun making SOPS xd) -Major General Goofy
  10. Name: Major General Goofy SteamID: STEAM_0:1:64167239 Rank (Must be VCMDR+) Major General Why do you want to be a Lieutenant General?: Instead of trying to copy my last applications ill try to be original, but probably not. I want to further myself amongst the ranks like anyone else. I am always improving myself in overall knowledge and experience in a high ranking position. Like previously said, I have gained much needed "Knowledge" being a Major General and I hope to share that with everyone among the ship in order to enforce serious RP and help everyone have a great time playing while doing so. By being active on the server as much as I can I hope to improve peoples playing experience by being at this level. I am always open to constructive criticism and as a General this is a essential tool. This is how I can better myself, the troopers, and the server. I try to be short and sweet. Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?: To be straight forward, I've been a Major General and for some reason you've trusted me with that so Im sure you can trust me with this In all seriousness I don't plan on losing this rank anytime soon. I've been on the server for some time now and I have dedicated myself quite a lot, a lot more than any of my previous servers. How often can you be online?: Through the week 3 PM NST to 10-11 PM NST Unless something comes up of course Basically everyday for 6-8 hours. How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: N/A
  11. Now this should be put in the training room.
  12. +Support +Active +Great leadership potential +Serious RP All that I have to say is try to RP more and increase your "Serious RP'ness" a little bit more and you'll do perfect. -Brigadier General Goofy
  13. Name: Brigadier General Goofy SteamID: STEAM_0:1:64167239 Rank (Must be VCMDR+) Brigadier General Why do you want to be a Major General?: I would like to become a Major General to further myself in the ranks of this ship and to have the authority to command the troops in and outside of battle, if its to answer a simple question or to help training whole regiments, I would like to be able to do so. As a Brigadier General I have learned valuable techniques and gained knowledge to further myself on this ship. The *low command* of *high command* has a need to be filled and I am here to fill it. Like I have said previously the *low command* of *high command* should have a solid foundation for the regularly troopers to follow. I have already seen that since becoming a Brigadier General, troopers follow the ranking/command structure on the ship to better themselves by utilizing myself, because I am here to help everyone and anyone. I hope to work alongside Major General Bravo and to whoever may follow more closely in ensuring the ship is always following proper protocols and structure. Basically I will be in a higher position to help those who need help and to improve the server overall in anyway I can. I am just like you guys, just wanting to play on the server and to have fun while still following structure and command. I am always open to constructive criticism so to those who feel I can improve, please tell me. I appreciate you guys. Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?: I should be trusted to hold this rank because I am already a Brigadier General and all I want to do is to help everyone and anyone on the ship/server for whatever needs they may want. I have went through all the ranks on the ship and continue to do so the proper way. I am also active about the server. How often can you be online?: Through the week 3 PM NST to 10-11 PM NST Unless something comes up of course Basically everyday for 6-8 hours. How many warnings do you have on SWRP? N/A (Side-note) Sorry for re-uploading, got permission to do so this time lol