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SCO-012 A Bad Composition


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Name: Seeker

Rank: JR ( before I was promoted, I used the Submissions instead of this because I didn't know how to post my test.)

SCP: 012

Question: How long can a subject resist the SCPs anomolous power?

Background research: I have seen this SCP controlling a subject before and wanted to know what it could do and what it cant do.

Hypothesis: Can the subject who has seen SCP-012 and is in the room with it, can it resist the anomolous power or can the subject not. 

Observations: Test #001 I had instructed a Class D to resist the powers of the SCP. He had done well and could have possible survived at least 10 seconds or more if I didn't telll him to interact with the scp. Test #001 sucessful. Test #002 and #003. I had instructed the 2 Class Ds to try and resist the affects of the scp for more than 5 seconds if possible, ( when a subject is close to the scp for at least 5 seconds they will die ) the 2 Class Ds tried to resist its affects ( or powers how ever you want to choose it ) they failed and died at the least less than 5 seconds. Test #002 and #003 failed.

Test #004 I had instructed the Class D to resist the scps powers (or affects) the Class had done so and survived more than 5 seconds which it was impressive from the last 3 tests. But before the Class D died, I saw him trying to complete the section of the SCP and saying the piece is impossible to finish, the same Class Ds said the same thing in the last 3 tests before they died.

Conclusion:  The subject can survive only a matter of time before using their blood to complete the unfinishable or impossible piece in the SCP.

Was Your Hypothesis Correct? It was infact indeed correct, the subject can only survive less or more than 5 seconds before dying of blood loss by trying to create the final piece.



Additional information: I am posting the tests that I did but I didn't know I had to post it here, so I posting all of my tests here. If everyone is ok with that



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