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Project Carnage


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Name and Research Rank: 

Koopa Medical Commander




Targeted Results:

We Injected the Subject with Genetically Modified Cells from a very Rare Creature Known as a head crab. We have found from Many years of Research that the headcrab has venom that eats away at the brain. We have genetically Modified it to attack the Central Nervous System. According to our theories this should cause the Patient to Feel extreme pain in some cases reaching a level of 100x the Normal pain Threshold. 

Actual Results: 

When we Injected the Patient with the New Serum called Project: Carnage. When we tested the pain That the Subject was receiving the Test results were better than expected. The patient could no longer walk. The pain was too much to be able to move without assistance. When we tried traditional Torture Methods Such as Stabbing in the leg the patient lost all Brain function due to the overwhelming amount of Pain. The brain gets a memory overload due to so many pain receptors going off that it completely shuts down.

Procedures performed:

Injected the new Serum straight into the Central Nervous System. 


How could the procedure be improved:

The procedure could be improved by toning down the amount of pain caused to the Subject. He died way to quickly but this could Probably be used as a great torture Method. Hopefully you can get the information before he dies from the extreme pain caused to him.

ex Medical Commander

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