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Research Project: Finale.

vintage dior

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Name and Research Rank

SC Ketamine


Chef Lugi

Targeted Results:

A false sense of security in a firefight, while hijacking function and turning the subject into a sort of sleeper agent.

Actual Results:

The subject ran out of plausible memories, awoken very angry and violent.

Procedures performed:

The subject was put to sleep and connected to the created CDVAC (Cerebral Diagnostics VAC). The subjects memories were simulated and played through vibrations meant to simulate dreams. The subjects serotonin was then removed and replaced with my own reactant. The subject was then awoken and forced into a false firefight. The subject seemed pleased with his work until it backfired and the subject was put down.


How could the procedure be improved:

Further testing.

the man behind the poggers.

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