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  3. + Support Good bro mature and serious chill knows his stuff
  4. MASSIVE + SUPPORT as commander of the 38th, i approve of this addition and believe there are absolutely no negatives, besides the fire rate of the turrets which can be lowered.
  5. Well im open to change, my men are extremely interested in a pilot class, and i can also impose extreme restrictions on them, such as only 3 pilots in the battalion, they have to be active constantly, or they lose it. as well as them being a pilot is for ground support ONLY, if that would make people more comfortable. the point is, none of our pilots can spawn a legit bomber, and almost none are even trained for it. a pilot mechanic is also going to be strictly passive RP, just like the the rest of the battalion. we even have a deticated model for a 38th aircraft mechanic. i see no reason for dissagreement now, especially since ive put these restrictions on the table. and besides most of yall know me, im not letting any old idiot into the 38th now, and im deffinently not gonna start if we get pilots. those who join just for pilots are gonna be denied instantly.
  6. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - Firstly, i would like to add a pilot/aircraft mechanic class for the 38th armored regiment. This pilot class will have 2 spawnable aircraft, the small V-19 torrent, and the rebellion class Y-wing, which is just a standard Y-wing, but stripped of most of its armor. The pilot mechanic will spawn with a DE-10 Revolver class blaster pistol, and a repair tool. Secondly, i would like all 38th jobs to have the fortification tablet when they spawn in. thirdly, i would like the 38th support trooper to be able to spawn in the standard laser turret, only 1 per soldier. Why should we add it? - The 38th is the primary defense battalion, and as such, should be able to preform their duties more efficiently, as well as a wider array of uses and easier capabilities. Thus the 38th will be able to efficiently defend FOBs when they are made, may support the push of the army, as well as air support when needed. What are the advantages of having this? - I would like to start off with the pilot. There are many advantages to us having a pilot. For instance, we do not have a single battalions pilot class that is deticated to air support, as well as no aircraft mechanics to speak of. Yes, i understand people will have concerns of a Y-wing with the capability of an explosive payloads being available to standard soldiers. and i assure you, i as commander will take any and all precautions when training these bomber pilots, just as i have with recruitment, and the training of my tankers. As well as my personal assurance, that not every damn person who wants to be a pilot is gonna get it. next would be the 38th spawning with the fortification tablet. again, i understand concerns, however since it has been added, the 38th have been extremely reliable in their ability to construct cover, and efficiently protect our troops. and i assure you, when it is not needed, no 38th will use it or extreme punishment will ensue. As well as not asking for fortification tablets every time we are killed. And finally, the turret. the turrets in general are very effective however they are not used very often. As well as being powerful, they are extremely durable for combat situations, and can be picked up and moved with extreme ease. For both attack and defense purposes, i see no harm in these turrets being welcomed into the 38th with open arms, as well as giving another purpose to our support trooper. Who is it mainly for? - The 38th Armored division. Links to any content - Pilot model - models/suno/player/38_engineer/flight_engineer.mdl | Pilot Equipment - weapon_752_de10 | repair_tool | Support trooper turret - lazer_cannon | 38th fortification tablet - alydus_fortificationbuildertablet |
  7. Questions 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : 38th CEM MAJ Shadow 2156 2. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I like engineering RP, as well as being the tip of the spear in most attacks. and if we dont get armor, we get to be engineers. so ya know. two for one, i love both. and id also like to see this battalion grow, as a important part of the server that it cant live without. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? To lead the entire branch, along with the commander. to be a role model for those below him, and to be a example of what the battalion is. 7. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : My vetrancy should count as plenty. former ARC commander colt, 501st BXO Echo back in september for about 3 months or so. previous Communications officer for the fleet, and on mil i was the USMC commander for about a year. BG of the USMC twice, and current res Gen. 8. How often can you be Online? :all day every day, however that may change slight due to real life changes. 10. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : No active warns. previous warns were over 6 months ago.
  8. i believe we should switch to the rishi base as our main map for a few reasons. its true that a lot would change, but the applications for serious RP would be so much more then what it is now. it would be so much funner and easier to serious RP on the base rather then a crowded ship. and for those who are thinking the fleet would be useless, and use lore to cover it, you are wrong. it is well known that fleet did not always do their duty on ship, but also as base administrators on important installations as well. therefor they still run the base. as well as events would be much easier for the gamemasters because the applications for using this base as our main map, would give a ton of new possibilites for events. which is why i firmly believe this should be our main map, however it would also make sense to have it for half a month and see how it goes.
  9. Approved on my end, one of the best officers on the server. - shadow
  10. Name: Echo Rank: BXO ULX Rank: User
  11. Name In-Game : 501st ARC Echo 0408 Rank In-Game : 1LT Any ULX ranks (Gamemaster, Admin, Donator Ranks) : Any changes you want in the 501st : lore jobs.
  12. 1) In-Game Name: 501st SSGT Cassius 2156 2) Current Regiment: 501st Legion 3) Current Rank: SSGT 4) Playtime on the server: 19 hours 5) How many warns do you have? zero 6) Why do you wish to be an officer in the 501st Legion?: I have had experience as commander of the 501st in the past, and i wish to support the 501st on our way to becoming the best of the best. 7) Why should you be trusted with the rank of 2LT?: I have Long term officer experience, and wish to be closer to everyone in the 501st as brothers, and especially to be a hand in leading the best of the best. 8 ) What changes would you like to see and will work for in the regiment?: I would like to see our numbers grow and our skill increase, and rather to give consistent PT to our troops, i would help teach them what i know and how to preform their duty to the best of their abilities. 9) Officer Recommendations? (If none write N/A): N/A 10) How often can you be on the server with this job?: Every time i am on 501st, which is during every event, as well as most of our free time on the venator. 11) What is your timezone?: CST 12) Do you agree to dedicate yourself to the 501st, be professional, and follow all server and regimental guidelines?: yes. 13) Do you understand that upon being accepted, you will subject to a minimum one week trial period and extensive training?: yes.