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  1. Never have I ever received a warn or a ban (before this) in SCP-RP for any reason. If you mean in PoliceRP, that is a bad excuse because the one LTAP warn from this server is over four years old. Clearly, over four years, you could use some of your common sense and deduce that people can and do change over time. Also, as per the above video, I was clearly not in an admin sit when I disconnected, as explained in my OP.
  2. Yes this is me. As you all can clearly see (hear?) in the video, I did not use the hard-r, which is what you are accusing me of. Additionally, to reiterate my point, I did not say any words in such a way to be discriminatory towards anyone or any thing. As I've said previously, I was understandably upset regarding the circumstances of my capture. I am sure you've been in my shoes yourself, and as you know when someone gets upset, they say and do unjustified things out of frustration. The recorder of this clip can, however, be seen breaking the rules as he clearly cuffed me without proper FearRP being met (3+ players WITH WEAPONS OUT, only 1 had a weapon out at the time of the cuffing, the guy on the left, the others were behind a closed door), which caused me to become agitated in the first place. I will admit, however, that two wrongs do not make a right, and I request that if I am still to be punished, so should the recorder for breaking FearRP in his own video. As clearly stated in Rule #8: By reading the text of this rule, I have not broken it because: I was not "bullying or targeting based on race, gender, sexuality, or other identities, nor racial slurs or anything that can be deemed offensive" I was not "harass[ing] and/or disrespect[ing] other players/staff". I was simply upset at the situation where clearly the recorder of the video broke FearRP as described above. I am deeply upset about using this word, and I sincerely apologize to anyone who was truly offended by it, but again, if you look at the context of the video, you can clearly see that I was not using the word to discriminate against anybody or anything. I was simply using the non hard-r variant to express my frustration with the situation. ~~
  3. Steam Name: biggie SteamID: 76561198113083384 Ingame Name: biggie Ban Length: 9 days Admin that Banned you: [GL] Shin Reason for Ban: "Racism || LTAP | Behalf of Parkland" Dispute: At the time I was banned, I was playing as SCP-049. I had just breached containment. I was about to enter the LCZ but MTF caught up to me and cuffed me. Due to my self-breach taking more than an hour to complete, and the fact that I was upset that MTF got me within 5 minutes of my self breach, I did disconnect before MTF could put me back into my cell. However, I was in no way "racist" to anyone during this period or during any other period since I've been on this server. I have over 30 hours of playtime and I have been following every other rule to the best of my ability (as evidenced by my lack of warns/bans), and I would not risk my status on the server by being "racist". As far as the "LTAP" portion of my ban, I do admit to leaving the server after being cuffed, but this was due to me being upset as explained above. I was never in an admin sit during or even two hours before this situation occurred, therefore, unless leaving the server while cuffed by MTF is considered "LTAP", I believe this to be a false reason unjustly tacked on to the false "racism" ban in an attempt to "get back" at me by the MTF team for leaving. If anyone has any evidence to the contrary, I welcome it, but as I've said before, I believe this to be a 100% false ban and my character on the server thus far speaks for itself in that I try to follow the rules the best I can as explained above (30+ hours playtime, 0 warns, 0 other bans). Thanks for your consideration.
  4. Still doesn't account for the fact that the reason is literally '1200', which isn't a valid warn reason. Also, the 3-month rule was enacted 2.5 years after I received the warn, therefore, grandfather clause applies and I can still appeal it.
  5. Steam Name: biggie Ingame Name: biggie SteamID: STEAM_0:0:76408828 Ban Length: Warn Admin that Banned you: Friendly Steve Reason for Ban: '1200' Dispute: This warn was given to me over 3 years ago (09/21/2018, 19:00:23) and the reason is '1200', which isn't even a proper reason. Thanks for your consideration.
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