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  1. Deadass that would be an amazing event. Possibly even a chain of events on the planet. Depends on if the story is handled right, But i have full faith in the GMs and their event plans!
  2. loganisamsome

    Its Brady

    Yo! I know a lot of you don't know me but for you OGs out there its Brady. I know i left on semi bad terms with a lot of the higher staff but hopefully its all good. I don't plan on returning back to staff but you never know that the future holds. It feels good to return home to GL!
  3. Event jobs that could be added are things like General Grievous. Ventress, Cad Bane, Jabba (Jk), etc different story characters. Also simple jobs like Bounty Hunter or Alien Solider (CIS used them to fight against the republic as a form of insurgent) These are just a few ideas ive thrown around.
  4. I +support more battalions. Like 101st, 41st, 37th, etc. Also maybe diverse event jobs?