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  1. + Good soldier +active +respect for us is a tiny problem, but can be fixed with time +Support
  2. + Not mingey +Good combatant +Good critical thinking +Good strategist - I haven't seen him in ts much + Support
  3. Full In-Game Name: RUAF 177th 2LT JINSP Com RUAF Rank: 2LT Are you a pilot?: Yes Do you have a callsign, if so what is it?: Armadillo-31 Why should you be trusted to be in ATC? (50 word min): I want to be an ATC because I see a lot of things that hamper progress in our advancement, that aren’t really needed. For example, I saw 3 transport aircraft operating, and I think those other 2 aircraft could be flying attack helicopters or other aircraft that can take down other enemy aircraft, take down tanks and APCs, and keep the enemy troops from camping in hard-to-reach areas. Do you have any active strikes?: No Have you read the ATC informational? ( will be tested during training): Yes How much in game time do you have?: Server: About 40 hours - Game: 857 hours Have you donated at all?: Yes, 67 USD Two officers that would like to see you in ATC( Dont have to be RUAF): Jinge John - Waffle Are you active on Gaminglight Teamspeak?: Yes What is your TimeZone?: EST