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  1. What you want to see? - A custom chatbox UI (Specifically Atlas Chat). To explain what this is for those who don't know, it is a way to make the chatbox interface more clean for the user, and can add a whole bunch of options for customization. To view a comparison between the 2, I attached 2 screenshots showing the difference. (Note: Atlas Chat screenshot was taken from an old server that has shut down. I found the screenshot on Youtube) Also apologies if the Atlas Chat image is low quality, I tried looking for some good screenshots but couldn't find one with good image quality, feel free to search for your own though! Why should we add it? - I believe that adding Atlas Chat will be beneficial in a lot of ways, mainly that it makes the chat look cleaner and for soothing for the viewer. It also adds many customization options which can be added to donor ranks to make them look nicer. Many other customization features such as chat tags, icons, and also personal user options for the user's preference to make it fit how they'd like, with the server's configuration already in place. What are the advantages of having this? - The advantages of having this is firstly as stated previously the vass majority of customization options it brings, and can bring new opportunities to how people use chat, and interact with it. Involving fully customizable UI by both the user and the server, the possibilities are limitless. Who is it mainly for? - Everybody. (Server-side) Links to any content -
  2. Marphh

    Staff - Denied

    -Support As said in replies above, staff are there to help with the server and not rewards. Doing this will encourage people to apply for staff simply because of the fact they do not have to pay for the rank, and can simply apply for staff to get the donator perks. In my opinion, only a hierarchy administrative position should receive donation perks for development and testing purposes. While I understand your point of view for the idea, I don't think it'll benefit the community as a whole.