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  1. Name : Scientist Mcdonald Rank : Scientist/Medic SteamID (REQUIRED-Invalid if not given) : STEAM_0:0:67820917 Activity on a scale of 1-10 : 9 Anything which you'd like to note? : +1 Jack, Zack, Nef, Gordan, and Brick
  2. In-game Name: Scientist Mcdonald Rank: Scientist/Medic Idea: To use SCP-999 slimey trail or slime leftovers from SCP-999 for medicinal use. Basic Description of what you will do: Use 999 slime in different medicinal ways such as a powder, pill, extract and a gel Hypothesis: I predict that these medicines will work in improving happiness 50% higher than the target recently was. Observations (can be a video or audio): I have observed the 2 D-Class brought in [Doom and Steph] medbay. Both were compliant with the work. Both subjects had equal use of all medicines however felt different ways for each. MTF unit Nu7 and ACM were escorts during this. At the end both targets were sent back to D-Block after proper amnestics were given. Detailed description of what happened during the test: Both D-Class were brought into medbay. 4 medicines labeled 999 - A,B,C,D. Subject-Doom from Medicine-A type pill feels weird and has heat waves over only his arms. Subject-Steph feels jumpy from Medicine-A. Medicine-B type powder a version of SCP-999s slime. This powder was put into a water bottle but turned it into a slimey substance. Both subjects drank the water. Subject-Doom feels ticklish after drinking it. Subject-Steph feels slight pain due to it hardening but also ticklish. Medicine-C type lotion is a applicable gel. Subject-Doom feels like hes recovering from a cut but the gel is moving weirdly as if it was still alive. Subject-Steph feels as if I put alcohol on a cut. Medicine-D is a cookie with bits of slime from 999. Subject-Doom feels as if he was eating his grandmas cookies and is extremely euphoric. Subject-Steph feels slightly better from suffering a case of extreme depression. Conclusion: Methods were found to help disperse ways on helping foundation personnel mentally and physically. The 2 best successful were the cookie and the gel. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Only 1 of the 4 testing medicines were truly successful. What did you learn?: I have learned new ways to test use 999s slime but it should not be used in a pill. How Can This Benefit Medical?: Help with creation of new medicinal drugs from left over 999 drugs along with ways to improve foundation morale.
  3. In-game Name: Scientist Mcdonald Rank: Medic/Scientist Idea: Creation of a pill to counter act SCPs with powers to harm mentality through capsules, powder, or pills Basic Description of what you will do: I will test different medicine mixtures involving other medicines, and SCPs to see success of a counteraction to SCPs that harm the mind. Hypothesis: A success of 1 out of 4 of the medicines. Observations (can be a video or audio): I have observed from this test of the 4 medicines that one was semi successful, and the final was considered a success. Of this test 2 D-Class were used, and a ACM. Only one of the D-Class Subject-2 survived. Detailed description of what happened during the test: During this test I brought in a D-Class named Subject-1. Subject-1 was already in a angry state. Test subject-1 was given Medicine-A type pill. This pill was a mixture of rafflesia and risperidone. This pill was meant to counteract paranoia but instead caused the target to go enraged. Target assaulted the ACM and was terminated. Subject-2 was brought in 5 minutes after through request. Medicine-B type capsule was given to subject-2. Medicine-B was capsule of chamomile and alprazolam in a powder state. Subject-2 was shown to have pains in his hands after this but still remained calm. Subject-2 was then designated to take Medicine-Ba type pill. A sub version of Medicine-B with an extra power resulting in a mix of chamomile, alprazolam, and lorazepam. Subject-2 was shown with a lower stress count from a 7 to a 6, and pain stopped in the hands. Final medicine used on Subject-2 was Medicine-5PW type powder. This involved 1/5th of a SCP-500 pill being broken and smashed into a powder. This was then mixed into a watery mixture and then dranked by Subject-2. Subject-2 was shown to heal cuts on the calves and hands. Along with stress going from 6-4 on a stress scale. D-Class was properly given amnestics and escorted back to D-Block. Conclusion: In conclusion Medicine-A has failed due to causing anger. Medicine-B is concluded a fail due to causing pain however Medicine-Ba considered a low success due to lowering stress levels. Medicine-5PW considered success due to lowering stress levels by 2 on the scale along with healing wounds. Suggested use of this to extend SCP-500 supply span. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: My hypothesis was incorrect. What did you learn?: I learned that SCP-500 can be used in a powder state for healing, and a medicine to help lower stress of foundation personnel. How Can This Benefit Medical?: This can help by extending the supply of SCP-500 due to a powder version being usable along with a stress pill that can be used well.
  4. In-game Name: Resident Scientist Mcdonald Rank: Resident Scientist Idea: The production of drugs for medicinal use from 294 Basic Description of what you will do: Test the production of liquidized forms of medicine being produced from 294 and the affects on Class-D Hypothesis: Medicine that can be in liquid form will be made however those that cant be in liquid form wont be made. Observations (can be a video or audio): 294 will liquidize some medicines but not all. Even medicines that dont come in a liquidized state. Such as LSD. Detailed description of what happened during the test: We tested the following drinks in order on D-Class personnel. LSD, SCP-500, Ketamine, Coffee, and production of Amnestics. The Class Ds were compliant and tested properly. The test with LSD was successful and a Class D was shown with affects of LSD from the liquid. However this resulted in the death of that Class D. SCP 500 was a failed experiment. When put into 294 it was not dispersed. Coffee was used as a basic test to make sure 294 was responsive and working properly. Amnestics only some were properly dispersed. The Class D who drank that cup was affected similar to Class-A would work. The Ketamine cup ended up coming out and killing the D-Class who drank it. Conclusion: In conclusion we can use 294 to help produce more medical supplies from near by sources, or use it to find nearby sources of medical supplies needed. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: My hypothesis was correct to an extent. What did you learn?: I have learned that 294 will work properly to disperse medical drugs, and should not be abused. How Can This Benefit Medical?: This can benefit medical by helping us gain more drugs for medicinal use. Further testing is needed however.