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  1. What is your in game name: RU 1SG Kinesiology What is your current RP rank: 1SG Who would like to see you as a GRU Agent: (2 officers in any RU Branch, Cannot use VCMDR+ in core.) RUAF ADF LTC Negative, RU COL Timmemes, RUAF CMDR Pheonix. Why do you want to join Russian Main Intelligence Directorate: (50 words min.) There are many reasons I want to join GRU, but the main reason is to provide help to the Russian army and Russian citizens. Me joining GRU will help me help my teamates during wars. Also, I am respectful and follow orders well. Another reason is i'm always looking to increase my knowledge and skill and joining GRU will increase both. What would you do for GRU: I would be a great asset for the GRU because of my combat ability's, team skills and dedication towards the Russian army. How active can you be & What is your timezone: 2-5 Hours daily, EST. Do you have any active strikes: (If so, what are they for) No How many warns do you have: (Type !warns in-game) 0 Are you willing to fulfill your duties as a GRU Agent: Yes What is your total playtime on the server: (Must have 2 days or more, Can be over ruled by VCMDR+) 1 Day 1 hour. (Hours have been reset over the year I have played)