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    Steam Name: firedoge27 Ingame Name: Pog (Different variants depending which team in on) SteamID: 76561198345648785 Ban Length: 3 days Admin that Banned you: Bread Reason for Ban: Prop Abuse then LTAP Dispute: I do find myself guilty for the prop abuse which I was going to be given a warning for, but during the admin sit my internet thought it was a good idea to cut out. This is due to my very cheap VPN that I use, and my bad internet overall. I can provide any GMOD console logs unfortunately, but I can assure you, I would not LTAP on a server I have spent 85 dollars on. I can dig really deep into my logs to find evidence but this is the best I have got, Bad VPN + Bad Internet + Bad PC = Random Disconnects. I am also thinking of becoming staff so LTAP on my record wouldn't of looked good and I could've easily avoided it but my bad internet denied that.