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  1. Steam Name:  Rhodockia Ingame Name: Horus Lupercal SteamID: 76561198154458308 Ban Length: Perma Admin that Banned you: Console Reason for Ban: Bug Dispute: Console banned me for no reason, I rejoined gaminglight after re-downloading gmod so I went to the grocerystore while the mods for the server were redownloading. I don't know how I can prove my innocence but I was AFK the entire time I was on the server. It was only when I got back from the store when I checked my computer that it said I was banned. I am a rule abiding player of this server and it is really frustrating to see this happen to me and Im concerned that I will not be able to rejoin one of my favorite servers on gmod because of some bug. I havent ever been banned for anything and the last warning I recieved was from 2018. I have over 2 days of total playtime on the server.