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  1. Rank: Junior Researcher IGN: Raccoon Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel: Nu7 SSGT doctor, junior researcher Raccoon, junior researcher Class C 194A Errors / Safety Errors: SCP 049 struggled to follow commands Question: How would SCP 049 use 999 jelly Background Research: We know 049 makes diseases, and is prone to listening to a large amount of commands without 2 MTF in the room. Hypothesis: SCP 049 would make a different disease with the biomass, like an 049-3 of sorts. Observation/Visual Stimuli (videos/photos): (LOG START) -static turns into sound- Raccoon: Alright, doctor can you keep a gun on him while I give him the jelly? Nu7 Ssgt Doctor: yep, got it. -Raccoon gets the 999 jelly and hands to 049- SCP 049: What do you want me to do with this? Raccoon: Make a disease of sorts, anything you can really. -049 walks to corner of cc and sits there for a minute- Class C 194A: put in the D class? Raccoon: Yep... -Class D is thrown into the CC- -049 infects- Raccoon: Testing pause, D Class are here.. -MTF escort briefly leaves- -static- -connection online- Raccoon: Alright, Test has failed.. The 049-2 has been terminated, and 049 has gotten his book. [LOG END] Conclusion: SCP 049 failed to make a new type of disease, hypothesis was incorrect. He denied to make the disease multiple times until 2 MTF Operatives made him do it.. Test failed. do your results align with your hypothesis: No as the test was inconclusive for the most part...