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  1. My ingame name: Dickenson Player #1 getting added: Samm Job Name: D-class Assassin Server: SCPRP US Players Steam ID who wants to be added: STEAM_0:0:175293679 Person who paid: STEAM_0:0:175293679 Proof of Payment: Player #2's name: Alpha Job: D-class Assassin Server: SCPRP US Players Steam ID Who wants to be added: STEAM_0:0:94234554 Steam ID of player who paid: STEAM_0:0:94234554 Proof of Payment:
  2. i apologize forgot to put it on xD its added, i also added a player addition request, i didnt know if it was alright to add it to this post, so i apologize if a new post was needed
  3. +Support Very chill and laid back dude, Makes sure everyone falls in line. but is respectful to all, and fun to be around.
  4. In-game Name: Dickenson Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:37768846 Job: D-class Assassin Changed: i would like to add 100 armor to my character, he is currently sitting at 0 and is way to squishy xD. 20 Dollar custom donation pic: Players Ingame Name: Doc Job: D-class Assassin Server: SCPRP US Steam ID of person added: STEAM_0:0:169366839 Steam ID of person who paid: STEAM_0:0:169366839 Proof of payment:
  5. You were 100% right, the wep part was fault, put the entire name accidentally. the correct way: tfa_deagle tfa_contender
  6. I mean i can check again for any errors, i assumed i had put them in correct but hey mistakes are possible. But there was also the reduced pay, as well as the wrong spawns that were an issue.
  7. My CC that was finished yesterday spawns in the MTF bunks instead of dblock. It also spawns without the weapons specified(thompson g2, and the desert eagle). It also receives pay of $200, instead of the $500. here is a link to the original post just in case:
  8. alrighty edited it to include a player model
  9. In-Game Name: Dickenson SteamID: STEAM_0:0:37768846 Server: SCP-RP(U.S.) Custom Job Name: D-Class Assassin Color of Job: 201,88,88 Job Description: Ex assassin confined in D-block after a series of high priority hits. He is looking to escape and liberate as many D-class as he can in his path to freedom, no matter the cost. After years of planning his escape he has managed to procure some of the tools of his former trade. Model: this one seems like it should work. Weapons : Primary- tfa_thompson _contender_ g2 , Secondary: tfa_desert_eagle Lockpick or Medkit (Medkit or Keypad Cracker for SCP-RP): Keypad Cracker