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  1. +support, phen takes orders well, gets kills, and can easily organize and lead others.
  2. I thought I might have had that wrong I made this at 12 and figured it would not be too big of a problem, I knew he was at least an officer. @zachary.holender
  3. What Is Your In-game Name: USAF CCM SDI Jumper What Is Your current Rank? (CMSGT+): CCM When did you join the United States Air Force? At least one year ago, I was gone for a while due to a change in schools and lack of interest in Gmod Who Would Like To See You As MAJCOM? (Two Officers): USAF COL* CT, US COL ArmyKid. Why Should We Trust You With Being a MAJCOM? (50 Words Min): I have given a lot of my time to not only the server and USMC but specifically the USAF, I am always comm active and cooperative in wars and constantly having fun. I can and regularly RP seriously but do not keep a stick up my butt and understand the chain of command. But most importantly I want to better serve in the USAF and feel restricted in the current job whitelists I have, as a MAJCOM I know I could be better utilized in the field. I understand the new amount of responsibility and actually rather enjoy having said responsibility. Why Do You Want To Be MAJCOM (75 Words Min): As stated earlier/above, I want to be more effective in battle. I would also like the responsibility of being a special unit as it means I have to carry my rp and combat at a higher standard. I could have stayed in the USMC and gone on to their MARSOC units but after a long time I decided the MAJCOM would better suit me as I liked the piloting aspect and Airforce more then I did the USMC. It is not an amazing reason to have but I find being honest makes me feel more comfortable even if it comes off blunt sometimes, I think the MAJCOM is pretty epic and love the player models used as well as the new assortment of weapons available. What skills and/or tactics can you bring to MAJCOM? I am not the best shot as a sniper, it is weird I would start this with admitting a weakness but what I lack in accuracy I more than make up for in my actual job. As a sniper my job is more than getting kills, it is to call out what I see, to inform other units of flanks and enemy movements, I believe many people would agree that on comms I call out what I see constantly never letting an enemy unit get away unseen. My accuracy is not that bad either. I also work well in teams and am very capable of taking on orders. All around I like to consider myself a pretty ideal soldier who is always ready for what is next. Have you read the MAJCOM Informational and requirements? (You will be tested) As of this application I have read it once, I will make sure to read it again but please note I am a senior in high school and cannot devote tons of time to committing it to heart. Though I will make sure to become familiar with it. What Is Your Timezone?: Central Time Zone How Often Can You Be On? (How many days/hours a week): at least 3 days a week, for 2 to 5 hrs at a time. Are you a well trained & disciplined Soldier? : Yes. How many warns do you have? (Can be checked by !Warns) : As far as I can remember none Do you have any Active strikes? (If you do, then you will be denied) : No, I am on promotion cool down, however. Are you capable of completing the mission & helping out your teammates any way necessary?: Definitely. Do you understand what will be expected of you as a MAJCOM Operator?: Yes.  (the guidelines did not say whether or not it was ok to put my name before MAJCOM application which is why I put my name in the tag)