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  1. +/- Support + Active +takes orders well -never seen leadership qualities - Not enough time in USAF , give it another week or so Good luck
  2. Yep it’s true, sorry to say but I need to take a loa for the rest of October and abt three weeks into the next month. This loa is too long to excuse and properly hold up my duties as an officer and vice on the server. I have had a blast these last two months growing with the community and getting to know everyone in command. I may return later in the year but I will respectfully take proper demotion as seen fit. This resignation Entitles me leaving Air Force special forces and my officer rank, as well as my vice position in DI, furthermore I am no longer in MP Sorry if there was some format for this I was meant to follow I feel like I informed you all to the best of my ability, once again thank you to all senior command and my fellow officers for making my time on the server a blast I’ll see y’all in maybe two months fingers tied. (extended explanation: as it stands I am a senior in high school enrolled In three AP classes and one dual credit, I am also on a varsity boxing team as well as basketball. Furthermore, I am seeing someone who I love dearly and need to focus on all of these things more, on top of all of this I am in pre-training courses for EMT/FIRE and applying to PJ’s by the end of the year once I have my EMT and fire certifications. This all means I am unable to perform to my best as an officer on the server, unfortunately.) I wish my best to you all and thank you greatly for the experiences even if they where slightly toxic -USAF MAJCOM 1LT DICC CPLMP Jumper
  3. +support -well rounded troop -has some learning to do but willing -gets kills -understands chain of command -is not aids -follows orders to a tee
  4. I have not seen you on a lot, granted that could be time zones. neutral support leaning towards plus one what was that warning for?
  5. +support loyal to usaf good at combat capable of leading others knows his place
  6. +support, phen takes orders well, gets kills, and can easily organize and lead others.
  7. I thought I might have had that wrong I made this at 12 and figured it would not be too big of a problem, I knew he was at least an officer. @zachary.holender
  8. What Is Your In-game Name: USAF CCM SDI Jumper What Is Your current Rank? (CMSGT+): CCM When did you join the United States Air Force? At least one year ago, I was gone for a while due to a change in schools and lack of interest in Gmod Who Would Like To See You As MAJCOM? (Two Officers): USAF COL* CT, US COL ArmyKid. Why Should We Trust You With Being a MAJCOM? (50 Words Min): I have given a lot of my time to not only the server and USMC but specifically the USAF, I am always comm active and cooperative in wars and constantly having fun. I can and regularly RP seriously but do not keep a stick up my butt and understand the chain of command. But most importantly I want to better serve in the USAF and feel restricted in the current job whitelists I have, as a MAJCOM I know I could be better utilized in the field. I understand the new amount of responsibility and actually rather enjoy having said responsibility. Why Do You Want To Be MAJCOM (75 Words Min): As stated earlier/above, I want to be more effective in battle. I would also like the responsibility of being a special unit as it means I have to carry my rp and combat at a higher standard. I could have stayed in the USMC and gone on to their MARSOC units but after a long time I decided the MAJCOM would better suit me as I liked the piloting aspect and Airforce more then I did the USMC. It is not an amazing reason to have but I find being honest makes me feel more comfortable even if it comes off blunt sometimes, I think the MAJCOM is pretty epic and love the player models used as well as the new assortment of weapons available. What skills and/or tactics can you bring to MAJCOM? I am not the best shot as a sniper, it is weird I would start this with admitting a weakness but what I lack in accuracy I more than make up for in my actual job. As a sniper my job is more than getting kills, it is to call out what I see, to inform other units of flanks and enemy movements, I believe many people would agree that on comms I call out what I see constantly never letting an enemy unit get away unseen. My accuracy is not that bad either. I also work well in teams and am very capable of taking on orders. All around I like to consider myself a pretty ideal soldier who is always ready for what is next. Have you read the MAJCOM Informational and requirements? (You will be tested) As of this application I have read it once, I will make sure to read it again but please note I am a senior in high school and cannot devote tons of time to committing it to heart. Though I will make sure to become familiar with it. What Is Your Timezone?: Central Time Zone How Often Can You Be On? (How many days/hours a week): at least 3 days a week, for 2 to 5 hrs at a time. Are you a well trained & disciplined Soldier? : Yes. How many warns do you have? (Can be checked by !Warns) : As far as I can remember none Do you have any Active strikes? (If you do, then you will be denied) : No, I am on promotion cool down, however. Are you capable of completing the mission & helping out your teammates any way necessary?: Definitely. Do you understand what will be expected of you as a MAJCOM Operator?: Yes.  (the guidelines did not say whether or not it was ok to put my name before MAJCOM application which is why I put my name in the tag)