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  1. Give it more balanced stats then I'd + support it but until then its a -support
  2. -support There's a reason that they have of them. also they have more health than a d class when they're made of plastic. The hitbox is tiny so its already near impossible to hit them, this would make them too op.
  3. At the very lest can janitor and tech get actual bunks instead of tiny cubical's we cant even move around inside of
  4. Counter to an argument The researchers dont need a space that massive for one branch when utility needs to have multiple branches housed in what is now a smaller space than ever before, we cant even have more than two people spawn in without someone getting stuck inside of someone else because we had to reduce the size of our bunks because there are two groups, The technicians in the glass room also doesn't work because most things are more than a meter tall and so wouldn't fit. With your point of our training room, we didn't ask for it or need it, we were fine with how it was before. And if janitorial didn't get any benefits then why did we suggest it, we thought this through and it took ages to decide of we'd suggest it or not
  5. +SUPPORT Reasons stated in original post
  6. Ok that whole thing just hurt
  7. So I did some stuff and ended up with a location on google maps on the side of a highway In Africa….
  8. + support There have been many times where I've tried to incinerate my trash and MTF have forced me out or instantly killed me just for going in to 049's cc for a "pathetic reason"
  9. Your Name : Rock. Your SteamID : STEAM_0:0:504904660 Your Rank : Senior Janitor----Containment Cleaner. What is your Level? : 67. Which command member gave you permission? : ACCM Andro. On a scale of 1 - 10, How active are you? : 8 Are you a Containment Cleaner, and if so, What Rank ? : Ordinary Containment Cleaner. Why are you fit for MMF (The longer the better) ? : I believe that I am fit for MMF because I have been in janitorial for a while now and I believe that I have shown and proven my commitment to janitorial by becoming a senior janitor. I think that as a MMF I could help improve how people look at the janitorial branch as well as how janitorial works as a whole. MMF would be a great opportunity for me to show that I am dedicated to the janitorial branch and to prove that I am ready to accept any challenge that janitorial presents me with. I believe that I have already proven that I can be trusted with the advanced classes by the fact that I am an acm and haven't broken any of their rules. I think that MMF would be a great challenge for me to try and overcome and would provide an exciting experience. What do you believe MMF's Purpose is? : I believe that MMF is here to keep the more dangerous parts of the facility clean and safe. They do the tasks that is too dangerous or risky for ordinary janitors and they help make sure that everything is accounted for. They exist to serve the foundation and to make sure that it remains one of the cleanest places on the server weather that be by ordinary cleaning or if needed by "cleaning" the dirt and scum that attempt to ruin the foundation.
  10. + support Seems stupid that janitors cant go to the dirties place in the facility
  11. A hint, I need, tiny url, I have. Password, I require
  13. + Support Something to go with the vodka from the coffee machine.
  14. + support Looks like a good application and I've seen them online lately. Bit hurt that they went to everyone except me for permission.