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  1. +HUGE SUPPORT - Amazing Leader - Very Serious - Dedicated - Past Leadership Experience - All Around Good Person - Willing to Improve Kano
  2. +HUGE SUPPORT Pretty great leader RP's well Most Active Officer -Kano BIG PEE PEE GANG
  3. 1) In-Game Name: 501st ARCT SFC AVL Kano 1004 2) Current Regiment: 501st 3) Current Rank: SFC 4) Playtime on the server: 4 days 5) How many warns do you have?: 0 6) Why do you wish to be an officer in the 501st Legion? ( 60+ Word's) : I wish to be an officer in the 501st, due to the fact that I wish to help better the men that end up joining the 501st, and leading them into battle with a hunger for a fight. I wish to also pass on knowledge that could benefit them in turn would allow them to become an officer in their future I wish to set an example to all who join the 501st. I finally wish to be an officer, is so I can be more involved in my battalion. I will bring a sense of pride to the 501st as I lead them through the midst of the battlefield and on base, I will be their example that hard work will give them what they want. 7) Why should you be trusted with the rank of 2LT? (50+ Word's) : To be an officer is to be a leader and you can’t be a leader without first learning to follow I have learned much from my leaders you can trust me to lead them men and to be an active leader not only in a fight but also in downtime. Being a 2LT will allow me to relay information not only from the commander but also from the troops to the commander being the conduit for both sides for enlisted and officers alike but ultimately the trust will come as I try to fulfill my duties. 8 ) What changes would you like to see and will work for in the regiment?: Activity and non-minges. 9) Officer Recommendations? (If none write N/A): Jesse, Fives 10) How often can you be on the server with this job?: Semi-Active to Active on it 11) Do you have a working mic? (Yes/No) : Yes 12) What is your timezone?: PST 13) Have you read Our SOP? (Yes/No) : Yes 14) Do you agree to dedicate yourself to the 501st, be professional, and follow all server and regimental guidelines?: Yes 15) Do you understand that upon being accepted, you will subject to a minimum one week trial period and extensive training?: Yes
  4. In-Game Name: CT PVT Cross 4226 SteamID: STEAM_1:1:113861241 Server: ClonewarsRP Custom Job Name: Counter Intelligence Specialist Color of Job: 128, 0, 0 Job Description: Provides tactical and technical guidance to the Detachment Commander, indigenous and allied personnel. Plans, organizes, trains, advises, assists and supervises indigenous and allied personnel on collection and processing of intelligence information. Model: Player model https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1548701593&searchtext=arc+general models/gonzo/cgiarcgeneralranks/cgiarcgeneral/cgiarcgeneral.mdl Weapons (One primary, One secondary, Must be in the weapon pack for the associated server): tfa_swch_alphablaster, tfa_sw_dc17dual