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  1. Sorry, I entered the wrong date.
  2. SCP-066 ~ Research June 16 2019 Rank: JR Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: SCP 066 & Me Level D personnel involved: 0 SCP: 066 Errors and/or safety hazards: Low, chance of 066 attacking. Question: How does 066 react to different types of pain? Background Research: 066 is made out of yarn, so it may or may not affect what can and cant hurt it. Hypothesis: I believe that 066 will react to all types of pain, just like a human. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): Analysis and Conclusion: First, I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut part of 066's yarn off, it had no reaction and just re-growed it. Next I grabbed pliers and tried to tug one of its eyes off, no matter how hard I tugged it wouldn't come off. Next I grabbed a match and carefully burnt a piece of yarn, not lighting 066 completely on fire, and once again re-growed it. I tried using electricity, and since yarn isn't a good abductor of electricity it did nothing. Then I poured a pan of boiling hot water onto 066, nothing once again, it did get wet. Then for the last part I placed a cinder-block to smash 066 and it squished it, but 066 recovered. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: No, 066 does not react to pain all that much. Approved by the Director of Research and Security and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  3. SCP-999 ~ Research June 16 2019 Rank:JR Clearance Level:2 List of Personnel involved in testing: SCP 999 & Me Level D personnel involved: 0 SCP: 999 Errors and/or safety hazards: None Question: How does 999 react to different foods. Background Research: 999 loves candy, does it like anything else? Hypothesis: 999 loves all food Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): Analysis and Conclusion:999 likes some foods other than candy. First, I gave it broccoli, it seemed to act sad, and uncomfortable, I quickly gave it some candy and it was better. Then I gave 999 some cheesecake. It made it happy and tired. Then I gave it coffee to wake it up, 999 then began running around the room as seen in the photo. Then I handed it some beef jerky. It, was silent, it looked confused. After that I stopped the test, gave 999 some reward candy, and let 999 exit the testing room. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: No Approved by the Director of Research and Security and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  4. In-game name:Jedi Padawan Eric/501st P PV2 John 9000 SteamID: Current RP rank on StarWarsRP: PV2/Padawan Have you donated to the server?:No Have you been banned on any GL server before?:No, I play clone wars and SCP-RP Have you received any warnings (please give reasons if applicable)?:No How much time do you have on the server?: 1 day How well do you know the LORE? Explain: I do not know my lore very well, but I will be more than glad to read and/or watch anything to understand the lore much more. I know lore enough to make events that follow the rp, if in the future im going to do a mega event, i'll definitely need to research. Why do you WANT to become a Gamemaster?: My time playing, this server is really fun, and the events I had been through were amazing, I want to see how I can add in on the fun. Why should you be trusted to be a Game Master?: All through my play time on this server and SCP-RP I never gotten into any trouble yet. Although I haven't been in this community for as long as most of you, I plan to stay minge free. Are you familiar/experiences with ULX?: Im afriad im not but I can look up guides or something if its very necessary. Are you experienced with being a Game Master and how they function?:I think so, me observing other GM's do their job helps me get a clearer idea of how a GM works. Give a brief example of an on-ship event, as well as an example of an off-ship event: An on base event would be a simple droid attack or to spice things up we can get a few actors to play as siths or commando droids to get in the engine room etc. An off ship event is to gather intel that was stolen from the CIS. Do you know how to give a weapon/SWEP to yourself/someone? (Give an example): I believe you would type: !give ^ policebaton. or !give omega policebaton for someone else, or you can spawn it with toolgun. Do you know how to model yourself/someone? (Give an example): Hold Q right click model copy clipboard. !model ^ models/joshbotts/5th_cc/5th_cc.mdl or !model omega models/joshbotts/5th_cc/5th_cc.mdl Have you read the Gamemaster Guidelines?: Yes