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    SCP Database Suggestion

    I mean if the high research allows it but I highly doubt it.
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    SCP 173 3/17/19

    Lore Name: Alf Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 1 List of personnel involved in testing: Junior Researcher Tuesdayblue, Security LCPL Zagan Level D personnel involved: N/A SCP: 173 Hypothesis: This test will allow us to either confirm or Deny the possibility of sentience in SCP 173 along with the disclosure of other information gained in the line of questioning. The test will be performed by Junior Researcher Tuesdayblue, Tuesdayblue will enter the CC escorted by 2 foundation security and begin the line of questioning. Depending on the success of the first few questions we will determine if the test would continue. Observation: BEGIN QUESTION LOG Junior Researcher Tuesdayblue: We are going to ask you a series of questions, in order to answer the questions you will moan once for yes, twice for no, or three times for I don't know. Do you understand? NOTE SCP 173 WILL ONLY RESPOND IN A SERIES OF MOANS (1=YES, 2=NO,3=NOT SURE, ELSE=INCONCLUSIVE) QUESTION: Please respond yes. RESPONSE: 1 Moan QUESTION: Please respond no. RESPONSE: 2 Moans QUESTION: Are you ready to begin questioning? RESPONSE: 1 Moan QUESTION: Do you know where you are? RESPONSE: 2 Moans QUESTION: Do you know what you are? RESPONSE: 1 Moan QUESTION: Are you afraid? RESPONSE: 3 Moans QUESTION: Are you angry? RESPONSE: 2 Moans QUESTION: Is there anything that you enjoy? RESPONSE: 1 Moan QUESTION: Do you have any memories before the foundation? RESPONSE: 1 Moan QUESTION: Are there others like you? RESPONSE: 3 Moans Junior Researcher Tuesdayblue: Thank you for your time. END QUESTION LOG Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos):N/A Errors and/or safety hazards: It seems SCP 173 is only able to moan when not in direct eye contact so the test was performed with the researchers outside the CC Conclusion: SCP 173 has shown clear signs of sentience however I believe further questioning is required to fully understand SCP 173 and to, with absolute certainty, declare him as sentient.
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    SCP Database Suggestion

    As long as we can get some entries to log discoveries I don't mind how. Sweet idea though
  4. What you want to see? - I would like to see official gaminglight scp-rp versions of the original scp database entries. They would be edited by high research command and they could be as simple as an set of entries on the forums that are locked so only certain high-level officials could edit them. Why should we add it? - I believe that with the addition of actually scp documents to edit, we could have a way of cataloging new discoveries within the research department while also encouraging new and interesting experiments. What are the advantages of having this? - It would add a layer of importance to testing on scp's while also being a way for new researchers to look upon past discoveries and research off of them instead of doing the same experiment over and over again. Who is it mainly for? - It would be mainly used by the entire research department in the form of looking at past discoveries but it could also be used by other players to find out new things about the servers scp's without having to read through hundreds of test logs. Links to any content - [It could literally just be a copy and paste of pages like this but editable by high command] Thanks for your consideration!
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    SCP 173 3/15/19

    Lore Name: Alf Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: Level 1 List of personnel involved in testing: SO Logic, Junior Researcher Tuesdayblue, Security CPL Den Hoover Level D personnel involved: 3 Sets of 1 Black D-Class and 1 White D-Class SCP: SCP 173 Hypothesis: SCP 173 will display an obvious racial bias in a scenario where he is required to chose between murdering a white d-class or a black d-class. Observation: D-Class were tied to walls on apposing sides of SCP-173's Containment Chamber, after the doors had been closed we had two separate foundation personnel (Me & Logic) time the amount of time it took for each to be terminated. The results were as follows: Test #1: Bias Shown Towards White D-Class |Black D-Class: 1:24 |White D-Class: 0:07| During the second series of testing we sent in each D-Class on separate occasions, timing how long it took for each to be terminated Via SCP 173. The Results were as follows. Test #2: Bias Shown Towards Black D-Class |Black D-Class: 6:38|White D-Class: 1:06| Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos):N/A Errors and/or safety hazards: We had one occurrence of a small scale containment breach which was immediately handled by on-site security. Conclusion: While the results of Test #1 indicated SCP 173 had a preference for Black D-Class it was directly contradicted by Test #2 making the results of this test either inconclusive or it shows that SCP 173 has no direct bias towards either D-Class and cannot be labeled as racist let alone sentient or capable of having higher cognitive function in any way, shape, or manner.