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  1. AND the BXO needs to have a job that can whitelist to all the officer posisitions
  2. I will be available to talk to before Friday
  3. i will be going on a LOA starting on Friday to about Wednesday next week for a camping trip that should last 5 days and I will be missing the Commander meeting sadly and I am going to ask to get filled in for what happened at the meeting by someone btw I will have no internet so if you need to check something I will be unavailable
  4. +support this is needed for CT because the BXO needs to be able to whitelist to Officer classes and it needs to be accessible because the BXO is the Vice command of his battalion and with the CT CPT it only has limited spots what if we have the max amount of CPTs on and ones stuck as a CT LT this will save more space aswell
  5. Accepted talk to BG plus for CCT and yes I am aloud to accept this app because there is no BG for SPC and no Commander and once it went past 2 weeks any BG could accept a app and sorry for the delay
  6. I still say -support because 327th is a star corps that's support/assault you wouldn't be busting down doors and taking attacks battalions jobs
  7. -support I don't really see the reason for 327th to have a breacher because they aren't attack
  8. I would transfer my 2nd life in a heartbeat to shock
  9. these are all phase 1 Troopers not phase 2 so they wouldn't fit
  10. the armory has rockets but I am not sure if they take the sameammo as the BG one
  11. Job Name: 501st Pilots Model Path: Model: 1 for normal pilots models/reizer_cgi_p2/501_pilot/501_pilot.mdl model 2 for pilot lead models/reizer_cgi_p2/501_pilot2/501_pilot2.mdl Weapon Kit: tfa_swch_dc17 tfa_752_dc15s_expanded weapon_tfa_dc15a501 repair_tool_evan Health: 150 Armor: 100 Description (Optional): a 501st pilot trained to mainly be a offensive pilot working along side Anakin in multiple space battles. Side note: we really need pilots and i understand 104th having pilots but i barley see 5th fleet fly and 38th is supposed to stay on the ship in case it could explode, I just think we need more pilots in general and opening more spots for pilots would help and 501st pilots I say would be Attack pilots while 104th takes a defensive and I believe 5th fleet was going to be escort but I think that was changed BTW this is my 2nd time suggesting this because of the current flow of pilots we have barley any and if you have any problems with this just say it in the comments. and BTW down here is a 501st lore pilots named hawk and this is a picture of him seen in the show.
  12. normal 501st troopers can spawn jet packs which this is a bug because our normal troopers can really just take one and abuse it