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  1. he forgot me but ill miss ya china
  2. I should only be gone for 3 or 4 days I might get back on Monday so 3 days and I might get on Tuesday and I am gonna miss the commander meeting on Friday so I might get Nathen or blizzard to fill in for me anyway ill see you guys when I get back
  3. he forgot me but goodbye my old friend
  4. Steam Name- Blue Shadow in game name Myles RP Rank 501st BCO battalions you command 501st how often can you be on? everyday unless I am busy
  5. I have denied the changes for 501st because I am its standing Commander and a BXO form a different battalion shouldnt be deciding for my battalion unless I allow it
  6. I don't like that you are suggesting to take sniper away for 501st but I suggest keeping heavy for 104th because heavy gunning can help a lot in defencealso keep medics because what if the VIps they are rescuing are injured
  7. Blue Shadow


    +support stealth is dying and its not like its healing just make it a battalion so it wouldn't be dead and just give them a new donator job
  8. I am a little salty about that boomer what you just said if you want to know my reason talk to me later
  9. well right now the medic and excutive officer have 2 gun I have a requirement if your in a class to have the rifle other then arc
  10. this is a simple fix so it shouldn't be a problem
  11. I would like to add the 501st color force rifle to the executive officer because why doesent the class have it Job name: 501st executive officer changes wishing to be made: I just to add this to the class weapon_tfa_dc15a501 Job name: 501st Combat medic changes wishing to be made: simply remove the current uncolored rifle and replace the uncolored rifle with the 501st color force rifle aka weapon_tfa_dc15a501 Job name: 501st Jet Trooper Changes wishing to be made: models/reizer_cgi_p2/501_d6/501_d6.mdl