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  1. so I should add jet troopers to this post or should I make a new
  2. this is not to disrespect these are scout troopers not arf they wont have rockets or anything
  3. steam name: Blue shadow in game name: Myles/Rex RP Rank: BCO Battalion you command: 501st how often can you be on: almost everyday but mostly in the afternoon
  4. +support thanks for thinking about 501st Reapo and ya I agree with a lot of this because I have struggle with getting troopers to stay every other battalion has my current classes not including 212th we have heavy oh 104th has it we have sniper 41st has it we have arc almost all have arc we have combat medics 5th fleet and 41st have it we don't have anything different form other battalions that aren't custom jobs and honestly we both need something new and different 501st BCO Rex
  5. Mingey and diss its and of he didn't need to put a staff problem in a RP apply that's about the staff diss anyway you would be a good vice commander +support I think everyone gets a chance even if the were ^^^^
  6. 501st BCO Rex/Reserve 104th 2LT Xavier
  7. +support and by the way when we attack bases you could spawn 212th or 501st men to help and alos those other 2 look good with the spawning CTS and 789th battalion
  8. -support never on trooper go for one only_
  9. 41st aren't arf they are scout troopers so they shouldnt have arf and spike if you make this again I recommend don't have a elite class in your battalion just have a simple class
  10. you were a great general have fun in VEN Crew
  11. 501st has a basic amount of classes heavy sniper arc and combat medic almost all other battalions have these so I want to make 501st a little different with adding scout troopers pilots or jet troopers and I only want one of these added. Job name: 501st Pilots Model path: models/reizer_cgi_p2/501_pilot/501_pilot.mdl weapon kit: weapon_tfa_dc15a501 tfa_swch_dc17 Repair_tool and all the standard trooper gear armor:0 health:100 Job name: 501st Scout trooper model path: models/reizer_cgi_p2/501_arf/501_arf.mdl weapon kit: weapon_tfa_dc15a5 tfa_swch_dc17 tfa_sw_repsnip Binoculars and all the standard trooper gear armour: 100 health 100 Job name: 501st Jet trooper Model path: models/reizer_cgi_p2/501_d5/501_d5.mdl Weapon kit: weapon_tfa_dc15a501 tfa_swch_dc17 armour:100 Health:200 and they should have the salute binoculars radio climb swep and the ability to buy jetpacks and that rank to become a JT would be SGT and there would be 3 Trail jet trooper TJT Jet trooper JT JTL jet trooper lead and I would apply the same rule of no using jet packs on defcon 4 to 5 unless you are doing training
  12. I like the idea of it but id rather have arf skins for all battalions and if we cant have arf what's the point in having snow armour and arf were used on sand planets in the show so what's the point in using snow for both and so I say +/- support sadly it just might be to much work to do so probably not and btw the snow armours there were flame troopers only on geonosis
  13. 501st Role Call  Use this format. Open until JAN. 20th. Talk to me if unable to respond Name:  Rank: Approximant date of promotion: How active can you be:  Any side note(s)?: