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  1. Steam name: [GL] XZ Elite In Game name: Elite Rp Rank: BCO Battalions you command: 5th Fleet How often can you be on: I’m usually on during the weekdays for about 2+ hours usually in the evening just depending on my schedule, and during weekends I’m on for 4+ hours usually getting on after lunch or late evening
  2. Agreed plus everything else said -5th Fleet BCO Elite
  3. Name: 5th Fleet BCO Elite 5445 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:79607109 Rank (Must be VCMDR+): BCO Why do you want to be a general?: The reason I want to be a BG is because I want to help the battalions that I would be assigned to become better than they are. Since, I became the commander of 5th Fleet I have help them expand and got some good things added to make it more appealing to the newer people. I’m at the point I just want to go up on the ladder of command and assist in a wider scale of things and help other battalions. I want to lead troops into battle and prepare them while at base for upcoming battles. As many have seen I’ve led the 5th Fleet into battles and have made them better than they are from when I took over as commander. I would like to take what I have done for them and use it to help other battalions who are in the situations like 5th Fleet was in. Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?: I have been trusted by the staff team and was also trusted with commanding 5th Fleet. With both of those I have not let anyone down. I’ve also received many compliments and acknowledgement from other commanders and from multiple high command on how I conduct myself and how I lead my troops. If accepted I will uphold myself to a greater standard and not let high command down. How often can you be online?: 2+ hours during weekdays, 4+ hours on weekends How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: None
  4. Couldn’t agree more 5th Fleet BCO Elite
  5. What do you want to see? - 5th Fleet Pilots Why should we add it? - 5th Fleet is the base security force meaning they protect High Command and everyone else on base against security threats. This would also mean that they should be securing the airspace around the base. This meaning acting as escort pilots to incoming ship coming to and leaving the base, acting as combat pilots to take down incoming aerial threats and unknown ships that are attempting to land, and flying transport for all high command and base command. What are the advantages of having this? - It would add variety to the 5th Fleet and open up more pilot positions since 104th is the only battalion with pilots. Who is it mainly for? - 5th Fleet Links to any content - Already have the content in the server -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Job Name: 5th Fleet Pilot Model path: models/joshbotts/5th_pilot/5th_pilot.mdl Weapon Kit: tfa_swch_dc15sa tfa_752_dc15s_expanded tfa_dc15a_expanded weapon_752bf3_binoculars repair_tool Plus the basic stuff like radio, baton, taser, battering ram, etc Health: 150 Armor: 100 Description(optional):