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  1. +Support Trusted sees potential active cool guy
  2. Alright shut up, yall saw this coming. For the past, like 3 weeks ive been super very much inactive. Many of you may be wondering where i;ve been, well let me tell you. Life. I've been busy jugulling school, work, girlfriend, friends and family, being healthy, and other small crap. For someone whos all over the place al the time, i tent to start to play videogames less. That AND, I've just kinda lost interest in SWRP. Im gonna try tyo make this short, to onto my farwells Rex/Myles- Ever since I 1LT Fives, I saw great potential in you. You were always on, always working hard, exactly what the 501st needed at the time. You may not have felt like you were ready to take charge of the 501st, but i saw that you could, and you did. Fives/Sang- You and Myles were like twins to me. You were almost always on at the same time and everything. You were more of a "I'm good at taking oders, not giving them." And i respected that. Jrandom- Oh Jrandom. I see great potential in you, just as I saw it in Myles. Do good, follow orders as instructed, don't go too over your head and try to give Rex a break, and I can see great things in store for you. Science- Oh boy. Science I remember when you were still Commander Cody. You and page were two of the best commanders I had. Although I didn't see you much, thay small bit of 212th in me gives a good 'ol caps off to you. Colt- By far the best commander I got to work with, out of my branch. You were always cool and did things better than i could ever have. And for some reason always made me laugh. I honestly hope you get BG soon. China- Wow you ranked up fast. I still see you as little 327th SGT China. Goold 'ol China running back and foward bringing battalions back from the dead. I still love the Promotion beating idea. Rex you better be doing that too, that was awesome. Last bot not least, Echo/Josh- Never will I forget how we came to were we are/were. It was just you and me, CPT Dogma and 2LT Breadwin for 501st officers. old Echo left, Fives left, Rex left, Ruthless left, it was us against the world. We then became ARC troopers Fives and BXO Echo, which you still are. It was us doing tryouts everywhere, trying to bring the 501st back to life. We defenitly did, then it fell apart again. Now our golden age has passed and new troopers have taken our place, bringing it back to life. For how inactive you also are (from what i know), I hope you're doing just fine. There are many other I wish to do, but I don;t want to make this 50000 words. I would aslo like to give thanks to Fox, the old and great Rex, then 74th Slasher. You always led me and Frostfighter into the place we needed to be. Zed, for being the first 74th BCO, giving us the know how of being a medic. And my good old friend ril, Frostfighter. Man you are the one who made me want to give SWRP one more try. You were always one rank ahead of me, i nthe 501st, 74th, everywhere i went you were one step ahead of me, until we both became BCOs. I'm still sad that you left back in like november, but for the exact same reasons I am. If only we could see each other again.... If you have any questions or want to talk to me, Im gonna try to be on for the next few days as much as possible. Starting this Saturday, I will be gone. If you want to still see me after I go, then take a visit to my youtube channel And without any further adue, this is Kix, signing off for good. Long live the Republic
  3. Name:  Breadwin/Kix Rank: BXO Approximant date of promotion: Uuhhh... Dec. 1st? How active can you be:  Few days a week Any side note(s)?: Bread is life.
  4. I thought it already was the same. No? well in that case... +MEGA SUPPORT
  5. I like the idea, but if this is to happen, we might wanna wait a bit. In my oppinion anyways. And this guy said the rest here
  6. +SUPPORT -adds more interest to the battalion -already has a ton of pilots -adds viriaty -I want my 104th life to be a sniper lol
  7. +support -cool guy -active -41st need a BXO -BXO Kix
  8. This is incorrect. the 501st have 2 BXOs.
  9. -/+Support *don't know very well *only a 2LT *havnt seen much *MIl RP commander (taking his word) *wants to prove that the green bois arnt stupid *friendly
  10. Funny story. So I talked about me possibly being BXO and myles being the new Rex durring the commander meeting, and it happened. so TECHNECALLY I'm resigning, but im just becoming BXO Kix and Myles is taking my place as Rex. Not a huge deal to be honest. Have a nice day.
  11. Breadwin


    501st Role Call Use this format. Open until Dec. 20th. Talk to me if unable to respond Name: Rank: Aproximent date of promotion: How active can you be: Any side note(s)?: