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  1. Name: LEEKED Rank:EMT Status on Roster:Active How active are you?:Everyday but not all day Why should we keep you in EMS(15 Words+)?:You should keep me because i think i do a really good job and im also really quick at doing it What is your favorite thing to do in Spooktober?:Give Candy
  2. IG Name: LEEKED Link to Steam Account: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198258621841/ How many warnings do you have: None What departments are you in and what rank: Police Department/OFC Why do you want to be EMS(150 Words Minimum):Because i want to be able to help people whenever their down,I wanna be that person that can always be there whenever someone is hurt,I Would do everything i could to help a citizen that is hurt and/or needs help Ill Always be there whenever someone is hurt,I Also wanna be a EMS Because i think its one of the coolest jobs because you get to help other people so that they can get back up and do their business again,I Will do whatever it takes to be a EMS to help the people of rockford city and to be a Helper of whatever goes wrong,If i am Accepted for the job,I Will do my Best to Succeed to becoming one of the greatest Helpers on the Server and If i am then thank you,Whenever someone calls ill try my best to always be there,whenever someone needs Help to locations whenever they are healed I willm do my best to do that!