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  1. +MEGASUPPORT+ Excellent Leader. Gives CTs good orders. Liked by everyone, new to the server or is already experienced on the server. Chill around most people, however, Goofy is serious when he needs to be to complete tasks or given assignments. During events, the orders he give out are simple but effective such as swapping people in and out when there is a firing line. The staff like him. I like him. He has OCD so he's organized ( don't quote me on that). Goofy should be BG so the high command continues to build in a positive matter. So uh.... do it.
  2. +Support Yeah, it needs changing. Especially the ranks. I'm not bothered by the VCMDR/CMDR but PV2 and CSM needs to be added.
  3. +MEGASUPPORT+ Bravo is an excellent leader. His commands are thorough, straight to the point and understandable. CTs always get the job done when following his demands during missions. I can personally say that I have had nothing but good tutoring from Bravo, from the very start of when I joined the server. Bravo is not only a great leader but a great brother. He knows when to have fun or how to take a joke. Likable in any conversation I have had with him. And to add a special touch to my post. From what I have seen, he is liked by the majority of staff and players in the server. Even trainees ease up to him quickly. ^^^ As the 3 main reasons I stated above, Bravo should be a BG. ^^^ I rest my case
  4. He was doing this since he joined the server, including during an event. He was hesitant to follow orders from his higher ups during said mission. -Support
  5. +support Toaster enforces the rules as a 5th fleet correctly while still being rational therefore I personal think that Toaster would make excellent staff. He also roleplays appropriately while still being laid back in some way