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  1. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Research Format: Name and Research Rank: Mute | Senior Scientist (Lone assisted) Subject(s): Shock LCPL Dream 8880 Targeted Results: Following up on my rush project, mixing DNA from creatures from Tatooine, Naboo, and other planets helped with the speed side of Rush. I wanted to see if both serums of Rush can work out fusing together. I also upgraded some of the other serum of Rush, The pain numbing and durability version of it. I added a few more DNA strands of Terentatek, Wampa, and crocodile. Having these would make for a better aggressive/defensive type skin/pain numbing. Good Results: It works, the subject is both durable, fast, and has good reflexes. Bad Results: The subject just dies, first by turning to his skin being rubbery and false, then having an adrenaline rush, causing his organs to fail. Actual Results: The subject (Dream) was very cooperative. He was hyper at the beginning of this and was happy to test out this experiment. I injected him with the two serums one at a time. as soon as I un-strapped him, IT WORKED! he was quick, fast, and felt no pain when I shot him in the chest. When I shot him in the chest it left a little mark on his skin, but didn't pierce him. So it leaves a few scratches, but its better than feeling nothing, but still being damaged. More test on the making it last longer is the problem. The serums work to its full capacity so far, maybe a few upgrades, but I need to find a way to make a bit longer than 20 mins. The subject was more hyper than usual and ran around the ship and back to med bay screaming and happy. Not as bad as last time with the Havoc, but still hyper. Need to do research on that too. Procedures performed: simple injection to the veins. How could the procedure be improved: Have better trained soldiers maybe, and find a way to make it longer. Need to due some research on animal DNA/Human DNA. Some fun things to try. Maybe try Rancor DNA to make it faster, or try some aquatic life DNA to see if I can make a type of serum that can help breathe in water. Maybe enhanceable with some cybernetics, injecting the serum into them when its perfected. Also find a way to make them less hyper. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Research Format: Name and Research Rank: Mute | Scientist (Koopa and Blarg assisted) Subject(s): 501st PVT MaxStar gOd Targeted Results: Be like "wolverine" (The guy said make me into wolverine, and we did) Actual Results: After doing what he asked, I gave him extra testosterone, and a metal called Adamantium. The Adamantium made his skeleton into a metal skeleton and the cybernetic was made out of the same metal which made his claws. Procedures performed: surgery, M.A.B, and cybernetics for the claws How could the procedure be improved: It worked, no improvement ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Research Format: Name and Research Rank: Mute | Scientist Subject(s): 501st PVT VelKoz 0220 Targeted Results: To test out a theory of a philosopher I am fond of, and test how well someone can eat and handle Rocket's mayo Actual Results: I placed a normal ham n' cheese sandwich next to a deluxe BLT sandwich. The theory comes into play, if it looks safe in a suspicious situation the person will always pick the safe pick, no matter what. I put the mayo in the ham n cheese sandwich while the BLT had normal fresh mayo. The subject chose the ham n' cheese sandwich. Like Rocket's Parasitic Mayonnaise, it made the target have an upset stomach, to him having a pneumonic type cough to them drowning in mayonnaise. The only development to his research, is that he took five or six bites before choking and drowning on mayo. Maybe its slower mixed with food. (Also sorry for taking your mayo rocket) Procedures performed: simple plate of good food. How could the procedure be improved: Maybe be less suspicious. Also how to prove this theory on a battlefield for troops. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Research Format: Name and Research Rank: Mute | Scientist Subject(s): Havoc PVT Clank 4477 | Havoc ES PFC Husker 1489 Targeted Results: Good results: They will have high reflexes, speed, and reaction time Bad Results: They have organ failure as usual Actual Results: It works! Well it originally worked, both subjects were presented with two serums, with two different ingredients. both worked the same, just one was more longer than the other and potent. thanks to the DNA of a cheetah, Kaadu , and womp rat. Subject 1(Clank) had serum B which had the more potent one with animal DNA, while Subject 2 (Husker) had the less potent one but it seemed to be more safer. Until Subject 2 started to do tricks with his E-11 and accidently shot himself in the head, killing himself. While subject 1, was running all over the lab and surgery room, screaming, shooting at fake "leprechauns", and saying he was "the great cornholio." He was like this for roughly around 20 mins, and he escaped on the ship with his NCO and Me trying to calm him down, but when I injected him with a harmless knockout type injection, he put a bullet to his head in front of the purge checkpoint bunks. Procedures performed: simple injection through the arm How could the procedure be improved: find a way to not have people kill themselves, and find a way to not have hallucination properties in it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Research Format: Name and Research Rank: Mute | Scientist Subject(s): ST VCMDR Willie 1150 (Subject 1) | ST HVYAL 1LT Herman 6589 (Subject 2) Targeted Results: Working on project rush, made me realize, I need to find a way to stop a Rush defector. Or someone who is against the empire who has rush in them (Hopefully that doesn't happen). So I created a light corrosive substance with the same properties of pepper spray, which would only go through the epidermis and armor of the aggressor. I want any type of security type forces to use this, while any frontline use Rush. Good results: It works and only affects under the skin, leaving a really bad irritating, unbearable pain. Bad Results: Nothing happens, or the it melts the skin and bone of the arm. Actual Results: It works! but only in small dosages. When I used a little on Subject 1 (VCMDR Willie) he felt so much pain that he was trying to escape. Having tighter strap ins he didn't escape, but he was very very irritated and in pain. I deduced the pain will last around an hour or so. Need more time to research how long it will last. It was a success only spilling a little bit of the liquid on him, but on his counterpart. Known as Subject two (Herman) He felt nothing. I quickly stood him up and scanned him. It turns out the liquid backfired and instead of eating through the skin lightly, it nullified it self. Procedures performed: Simple drop/pour of the liquid on area How could the procedure be improved: Find a way for the liquid to not nullify it-self to much/maybe at a reactant that it only reacts to organisms on contact. Also try to find the right amount of dosage/measurement that the liquid will be very effective and more painful. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Research Format: Name and Research Rank: Mute | Scientist (Gray assisted) Subject(s): Havoc DS PVT 4552 Targeted Results: Test out a drug that makes the person full of rage and anger, and have to kill something to satisfy them. Good Results: He feels anger, and has to kill rebel scum no matter what. Bad Results: He just feels the same or wants to kill any thing with a pulse Actual Results: I presented three syringes infront of the havoc, 2 were just a type of sleeping gas in liquid form, which he picked the sleeping one and was knocked out for a while. While he was knocked out, I put the drug that I dubbed as "Psychoneurotic". It produced the bad results, which he wanted to kill anything in sight including me. He broke out of the straps that I tightened hard on him. Luckily I had Gray who helped me "contain" the threat. Procedures performed: Simple injection via vein How could the procedure be improved: Maybe try to train the person to focus on hating rebels, and not others. Also, get better straps/locks ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Research Format: Name and Research Rank: Mute | Scientist ( 2Lt Grizzly assisted) Subject(s): ST SPC Cape (forgot his numbers.) Targeted Results: Same as last project, but only with the speed side of Rush. Good Results: In the words of a junkie, he would feel an adrenaline rush and make him faster and have hyper reflexes Bad Results: Organ failure Actual Results: Good Results , I got the ST to stand, which he did really fast, he move faster and have quick reflexes, as I did a small reflex test for him to predict which arm I was going to put up. Sadly, the vaccine only lasted for 10 seconds. And the guy felt little withdrawal and just walked away. Not as addicting as I thought. Procedures performed: Simple vaccine into vein How could the procedure be improved: Try to figure out how to make the speed portion of the Rush longer. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Research Format: Name and Research Rank: Mute | Trainee Subject(s): Subject 1 (Daddy Ryan, a Knight Hunter) Subject 2 ( Crewmate Billy ) Targeted Results: Focus on isolating one side of Rush, rather than mixing both into right away, was too ambitious the first time. Good Results: Serum 1: Known as the Durability/pain numbing one. will make the target feel no pain, and skin tissue durable rather than regenerative. Serum 2: Known as the speed part of Rush. Will make the target more energetic and feeling more faster. Bad Results: Serum 1: Will make the knight hunter turn rubbery and intense pain, maybe death. Serum 2: Like last time, combining some steroids and anesthesia properties into one, might make the subjects heart implode/failure or other organ failure. Actual Results: For Subject 1, or known as "Daddy Ryan" was a volunteer and took the red serum known as Serum 1. The serum proved that I was right and got the Good results. Well, to be frank, half of what I wanted. The target didn't feel 3 bolts from my gun to the shoulder, but only some of the damage was still there. It also only lasted for like 10 mins. For the counter part, Subject 2, or as known as Crewman Billy, he wanted to take the blue serum known as Serum 2. Sadly, I had no luck with the guy, getting the Bad results for him. Shows that on initial takes, his heart sped up rapidly, then stopped completely and other organ systems failed including the heart. He sadly passed away. Procedures performed: Simple vaccine, going into the vein of the subjects. How could the procedure be improved: Maybe the force wielder is key, but at the same time, maybe down the dosage on the speed side of Rush. Also more research in animal DNA maybe. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Research Format: Name and Research Rank: MC CM T SPC Mute 1745 Subject(s): Shock IA STFJN MSG spook 5321(Subject 1) | ST HYVE PFC Kai 1345 (Subject 2) Targeted Results: Create a vaccinated type drug that will enhance the user's regen, athletics and a so called "Speed Rush" Actual Results: Subject 1(known as spook) was not treated on for this, all he did was sit down and I drew some blood. I also took a small tissue of skin for later comparison with Subject 2 (Kai). I concocted a mixture of small dosages from an adrenaline shot, small dosage of anesthesia, and pain killers. Mixing them with some Bacta gel. Once I had my shot ready, I tried to get back Subject 1, but he was busy with another experiment, I assisted on. after that experiment was done, I grabbed the first ST I could find, which was subject 2. Subject 2 consented to everything and was nice about it. I injected him with the drug, and we waited for 30 mins, making small talk with him, seeing if he had any symptoms. Originally I thought it would make his heart explode or malfunction with the adrenaline and painkillers in his system. He seemed fine on the inside and we waited for the drug to kick in. The subject said he felt a little stronger and bit faster, but he looked the same. I took some of his blood and centrifuged it like I did with subject 1. I did the same with his skin, but It was a little tougher than usual. I used the microscope to compare each subjects blood, and found little to no change in the centrifuged blood cells. Only difference was that Subject 2 had more red blood cells than subject 1, maybe due to the drug. The skin tissue was also the same, but it seemed changed somehow for subject 2. More tests will be needed to find out Procedures performed: Blood sample, centrifuge, and small laceration on each arm. How could the procedure be improved: Do more research on how to improve said drug. Also maybe take some blood from a Sith and compare it to our troops. Maybe a force wielder will help. Maybe doing some chemical research and adding different chemicals will help too. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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