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  1. Nick sander ssgt 1T49
  2. I’m going to be gone on an LOA for family business until Monday (4-22-19 — 4-28-19) be back soon guys
  3. @Everyone Charles I did want to state that I said this because i just want to make us all better, not to be rude. I just looked through the State forums and thought i should say something because I did not see anybody else say anything in our forums about this topic, just to state out I am just trying to help out our department as best I can possibly do as my rank. @David Charles thank you for letting us know about the work you are all putting in, I appreciate it very much.
  4. @-Nicky- I’m just in State Troopers and police that’s all
  5. I was saying consider I can’t that’s why I was asking command because I can’t do anything about it @Jeff Junior the only reason say this is because that no one gets on that’s all and I’m very disappointed that there’s so little people on. I just hate how I get on and if I need help I can’t call my team to back me up, but yes I get what you are saying, and I just wanted to say something about it.
  6. I’ve noticed Troopers are not on very much anymore during the week there are 65 people in State, I see about 6 of the troopers active during the week which is about 10.8% out of 100%, I do see that when a State meeting comes up all State get on and then when it’s over everyone gets off and it goes back to the 6 people active and I really do not understand why you come to the meeting when some of you are never seen on State. I understand we all have lives and important things to do, but I consider this a big problem we need active State on, its a very important job in our police Rp. I think to be a State Trooper in police Rp you need to help out our troopers and help out our city we all make a big impact on the server, but only if we can all do it together. This is why I would like to consider making a role call forum to see the people who respond to so we can get inactive people out of the roster so new active State can get in, thank you for your time to read this and please all of you take this into consideration to try to be more active. - Trooper SGT Nick sander 1T60
  7. I’m going to be on vacation from today till Thursday ( 03/30/19 - 04/05/19 ) see you all when I get back!