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  1. Hello Munchies and everyone else viewing/replying, Me being a member of the community for a couple of years now I could tell you I have always respected everyone in the community and all the effort everyone puts in to make everything on all the servers of the community better for the older and newer members of the community. I personally even if never being a staff member have helped people back in 2017 till today with rules and have even gone on to explain new people what to do on the server and much more. What I didn't like the most back in the day was bias and abusive staff members which at the time I did not report but I highly regret not doing so. About me telling a guy "you are being a retard" I just got a little annoyed and mostly meant to say it in a way so it is "you are being a dick" because the guy was raiding me just so he can kill me even though I had told him I am building. At the time when it happened my brain could not make a difference between the two phrases and I just typed out one of them. You most likely would say that if I had time to write it I could of had corrected it but I type quite quick and in a situation in which I am quite annoyed I cannot really think it through very well before posting it into the chat. I am not sure how the guy felt but it really seemed to me that he really just cared about getting someone warned and everytime he saw some form of dissrespect in OOC he said something like "Oh thats dissrespect :)", "And another one" and reported them even if it was not him that was dissrespected which I guess is in a way to correct thing to do. I really apologize if he really got offended by anything I had said which by the way was not directly even said to him. Even though I did not intentionally dissrespect the guy I will make sure that I never again say anything like that that could possibly offend anyone and I will yes learn from my mistake. I personally do not get offended by people calling me names on gmod but I understand how some could. What I find a lot more dissrespectful though is when staff members are not acting the way they should in a sit and not showing the same behaviour to both sides. The funny part though in this situation was that if I did not in the sit admit to saying such a thing I would not have even been warned but I did. I respect and acknowledge Zerg's apology and understand his situation but Zerg if you are not feeling well enough to have a sit try to get lower staff that are on the server to get SOD as there is a reason you are an administrator, afterall there is also a reason why there are staff ranks on the server but then again I could be wrong so I would let you to decide what to do in the future. Kind regards, ZlatozarBG
  2. Your In-game: ZlatozarBG Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:178735976 The admin's name in-game: Zerg The admin's steam name (If you know it): N/A What warning did you receive: "Player Dis" Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: I would first of explain the story from a couple of minutes before the staff sit was made so you could have a better understanding of the situation. I was trying to build a base so I could make some money when a guy comes in raiding, I tell him I am building and he would not find anything but he keeps trying to shoot me missing most of his shots and when he kills me I type something into the OOC chat which I would come to in a bit. A couple of minutes after that I get brought into a sit so I say hello and asked what is happnening and after me was brought the person reporting me and he began saying I dissrespected him and he copy pasted into chat what I had said. The administrator says that he needs evidence of the dissrespect (video or photo) but then I just go on and admit that I have said what the person who reported me is claiming I said which is "Why the fuck do you have to raid when I tell you I am building, you are just being a retard". Without me being able to say anything nor the staff member telling me if I have done anything wrong I just get warned for "Player Dis" so I try speaking to the staff member who is unprofessionally silent telling him that me telling somebody ''you are just being a retard'' shouldn't really be overall that dissrespectful but he still doesn't say anything. It really seemed like the staff member was in troubled and acted in a way that a T-MOD with no experience would not the way an admin would, he was forgetting his words and not explaining anything to me and why I am getting warned. When I asked why I am being warned without being to explain anything he said something like "You admitted to dissrespect so I warned you" which was one of the very few things he said in the sit followed by him saying "Do you need anything else" in a very tired tone, like the one of someone who does not like their job seemingly wanting to go to RP, and after the answer of the person who made the claim was "no" both of us got returned. To end it of I have to say that in my opinion the words I have been warned for are not offensive in any way and if for a punihsment it should of had been more like a verbal to be more cearful with the language. Of course our understanding of the rule "Player Dissrespect" could be different but nevertheles I find what I would state in "Any extra information:" down below unacceptable. Any extra information: I cannot miss adding the fact that the staff member acted very unprofessionally in the sit. He did not say anything nor did he check anything (Logs wise) he just gave me a warn without explaining why or even say that I will indeed be warned. When asked questions he could not answer them and and some point he mumbled through the mic something like "i can't remember my words" or soemthing like that not once. As I mentioned his behaviour reminded me of that of a Trial-Moderator not an Administrator which he is. I've personally seen other staff lower than his rank being happy and friendly when taking sits and explaining everything before doing it. It really seems like he lacks the experience needed for such a position in a staff team of such a big server. I would let you to decide but with my 4300 hours on gmod of experience I could tell you that for an administrator the staff member is acting very unprofessional and seems too immature and unfocused for holding such post, again not meaning to offend anyone just stating facts so higher staff could act upon it. Kind Regards, ZlatozarBG