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  1. right witch is understandable, but I have a feeling the addon can be fixed because if it works on gov vehicles it should be able to work on all because their all VC vehicles. ~ Jaxson Moon
  2. it's only useless because it's neglected, and the pay is shit but its fun running around scrapping cars and its a great way to make extra cash. there is so many rp opportunity's for it, for instance, someone could open up a chop shop and thiefs can steal cars chop them up and get money for it or bank robbers can take it to the chop shop to get rid of the evidence, you can use it both illegally or legally. ~ Jaxson Moon
  3. What do you want to see? - a fix to the scrapper tool Why should we add it? - because right now only scrap government vehicles and I have been warned so many times for attempting to steal government vehicles even though I'm not. even if you guys aren't able to fix it we should at least be able to steal government vehicles to scrap it because let's be realistic, an actual thief wouldn't start ripping apart a car right in public most people do it in secluded areas or where people aren't watching. What are the advantages of having this? - It's a very fun feature already in the game that needs to be fixed because it can add a whole other level to the RP experience. Who is it mainly for? - thief's and people who buy the scrapper tool Links to any content -  no links. ~ Jaxson Moon