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  1. Name: Rex Rank: BCO Date of promo: Today How active can you be: Daily any side note(s)?: ...
  2. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : 501st LTC HVY L AVL Myles 2217 2. Why do you want to be a BXO of this branch? I have shown a lot of dedication Towards Rebuilding the 501st and I just want to make sure my battalion can be Relied on in events and my main reason is we need a Really active BCO or BXO for 501st because I am probably the most active 501st officer and I just want to contribute to the 501st more.  3. What is the Main Purpose of a BXO for a branch? The Purpose of a BXO Is to fill in when the commander is absent, the Main reason in my opinion is that the BXO is one of the most trusted officers of the BCO, being trusted with being his 2nd in command the BCO expects the BXO to be the person to fill in for most of the BCO duties which are Commanding the troops and promoting them and also disciplining them. 4. Why should we trust you to be a BXO? : I have been a 501st Officer for a long time now and I really just want to help my battalion be successful and the only reason I am doing this is to have a more active BXO and to become a bigger battalion with more ranks we only have 5 high command troopers most aren't on fifty percent of the time, most of time I am the only 501st officer on, I just want to be more active and I want my battalion to be active and Large That's why I think I would be a good BXO. 5. How often can you be Online? :Daily 6. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : 0 warnings
  3. 1) In-Game Name: 501st MAJ HVY L AVL Myles 2217 2) Current Regiment: 501st 3) Current Rank: Major 4) Playtime on the server: Daily 5) How many warns do you have?: 0 6) Why do you wish to be an BXO in the 501st Legion? (125 Word's) : I say That the 501st has barely any Command, really having 6 in command only 2 of those are BXO and BCO, I want to help my battalion in the best way I can, I am a really active member of the 501st and I try to be on as much as I can and it hasn't been easy but we are slowly moving back up and I just want to help move it along, and well we have barely any active BCOS and BXO not saying they aren't, but you don't see them on at all times, I just want to be a BXO Because we have just been shrinking and growing constantly, I just want to help my battalion stay alive and I feel that the best way is to become a BXO Myself, I will try as hard as I can to rebuild my Battalion so we can stay strong. 7) Why should you be trusted with the rank of BXO? (100 Word's) : I have been a 501st Officer for multiple mouths now, and most of what I've been doing is tryouts just trying to rebuild the 501st and I want to contribute more to rebuilding the 501st as a BXO. 8 ) What changes would you like to see and will work for in the regiment?: I want to see my battalion big and strong but for that to happen I need to help Rebuild it, I will make sure my battalion stays strong and Reliable within attack or defence. 9) Officer Recommendations? (If none write N/A): N/A 10) How often can you be on the server with this job?: Everyday almost 11) Do you have a working mic? (Yes/No) :Yes 12) What is your time zone?: CST 13) Have you read Our SOP? (Yes/No) :Yes 14) Do you agree to dedicate yourself to the 501st, be professional, and follow all server and regimental guidelines?: Yes 15) Do you understand that upon being accepted, you will subject to a minimum one week trial period and extensive training?: Yes