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  1. +Support Nice seriousRp Great Leader Good at his job Nice person
  2. Support -Quite Active -Serious RPer -Very good leader
  3. +Support -Quite Active -Good Man -Good at his Job -Very good leader
  4. Name: Blungi Rank: BCO  Date Joined (Roughly): June 20? ( I don’t know because I played a bit and got off for a while before becoming 327th and being active) In-Game Name: 327th BCO Bly 5052
  5. Hoovy I saw bravo say I could accept it and he does very well with leading, is good at RP, and had mostly positive votes for him. He was also suggested for BXO by yoda and I
  6. Accepted talk to a BXO+ or me
  7. Accepted talk to someone with CCT access
  8. What is your IGN? 327th JTL BXO Blungi 2525 Why do you want to be a CMDR of this branch? I hope to help the 327th continue to be very active and continue growing. At the moment there is no current commander of the 327th and with me being the highest ranking of the 327th I wanted to go for bly. In my time in the 327th I have worked hard and was always active and always wanted to be commander. I feel as though the 327th have been deprived of their commander for a while and need a new one. We haven’t had a commander for a long time as reborn became brigadier general a little while after he got bly. As most of the other 327th commanders went on for higher things I don’t think I would go for general or higher and therefore would keep the 327th with a commander. Now the 327th is kind of dying with less people as they switch to other branches and I think as commander I could help stop this. What is the Main Purpose of a CMDR for a branch? The main purpose of commander is to be the main leader of the battalion. The commander needs to keep order within his battalion and keep them active. The commander enforces rules throughout the server and especially his battalion. The commander does recruitment and trainings for his battalion. The commander makes sure all his troopers are doing well and makes sure they know what to do at any point in time. Why should should we trust you with commander? I think you should trust me as I have lead the 327th since I became BXO. I have been as active as I can be. I have worked a while to keep the 327th in the state it is now. The 327th respects me and thinks I should become Bly. I think I can get the 327th back to its best state. I have been on for a while and never have been in any trouble with 5th fleet or admins. I know most rules and know how to enforce them. How often do you get on? I am in CST Monday 5:30 to 8:30 Thursday 5:30 to 8:30 Saturday can’t be on 12-5pm DO you have any warnings? No Do you have any recommendations? Spades (yoda)
  9. Blungi

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    +support good leader active Dedicated to RP friendly
  10. What is your IGN? (In Game Name): 327th JTL CPT Blungi 2525 Why do you want to be a Vice Commander of this branch?: I want to be vice commander to help the 327th continue to be active and grow. I have been active and working hard in the 327th to and have been helping bxo reborn with leading the battalion. Also Vice Commander is an important position that we will need if reborn gets commander bly. What is the Main Purpose of a Vice Commander for a branch?: The main purpose of a Vice Commander is to be 2cd to a commander and lead when the commander can’t lead. The vice commander needs to take care of the battalion when the commander isn’t available. They need to make sure rules are followed and that the battalion isn’t minging. Why should we trust you to be a Vice Commander?: I have been on for a while and know the rules and how to enforce them. I have been doing well in the 327th and have been helping bxo reborn with a lot in the battalion. I haven’t gotten into any serious trouble with admins or fifth fleet. How often can you be Online?: I am in CST Monday: 6 to 8:20 And Thursday: 6 to 8:30 Saturday: 9 to 11:50 and can get back on at 5 I can often get on Friday and Sunday but it’s not definite Do you have any Warnings? (What for?): 0
  11. 1.What Is Your In-game Name: 327th CSM Blungi 2525 2. What Rank Are You Applying For: 2nd LT 3.Why Do You Want To Be Officer (70 Words Min): The 327th is slowly losing its members. With its commander leaving we need higher ranking members . As officer I could help the 327th grow back. Since I’m pretty sure Lucian is the only officer currently we need more. Once I’m officer I can command many of our lower ranks so during events we will do better. I also think that it would be cool to be officer which is why I’m applying. 4.Why Should We Trust You With Officer?(100 Words Min): I have been on the server for a good amount of time and know the rules. I have received seargent training from Commander Bly before he left and he was planning on promoting me. Commander Bly and 327th general spades have both suggested me to go for officer. I haven’t been mingy on the server, have never broke the rules, and am serious about playing. Though I haven’t been an officer on the server I know how the officers are supposed to act and what they are supposed to do. I know the rules and know how to enforce them. 5.Have You Donated To The Server?: No 6.What Is Your Rank On The Server?(ULX rank only) User 7.What Is Your Timezone?: CTZ 8.How Often Can You Be On?:  Monday, Thursday, satuday, and sometimes on friday or Sunday   9.Have you ever been an officer before? No