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  1. I strongly but respectfully disagree warwinner, you've shown me you like to flex your rank on anyone who will listen. Also, ive had a few more than dumb orders that have caused us to tie or lose a war.
  2. Huge +support -capable leader -smart and a tactical -often seen leading with ease and efficiency. -best for FORECON
  3. -support -sometimes disrespectful -flexes his rank alot and often times is a bit rude -as stated before very immature -can never keep his mouth shut at times and is a general annoyance. -not ready for forecon.
  4. Hey marcus, read the post before yoy comment
  5. +/- support -often times minges on mp -sometimes disobeys orders. +decent guy, funny at times. +can handle himself in the few instances ive seen him go to war.
  6. Thanks sam, i know im leaving on a sour note but i just am done after tonight.
  7. +support -shows quality traits -observant, never misses a thing -obviously not stupid if he is MGYSGT -ready for MARSOC and its challenges.
  8. Its finally gotten to me, after tonight i am DONE with mp. I cant deal with mingey officers. Nope. After the demotion i cant come back. So from now on i bid all mp a firm goodbye. And i dont harbour a grudge. Just know im never coming back to this branch. -Irish