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  1. - Support As SS SAIC, to me this would cause CHAOS and might even cause problems! There is too many things involved with that, that would cause problems and would cause them to shut down the server for a few ours or even days. Secondly, The spacing isn't enough to put 3 departments(BSI, FBI, and Secret Service) in such a compact and confined space. Third, there are many more areas where gun dealers and other classes can build at! For example, Suburbs, Outskirts, industrial, Ghetto, and many more!
  2. Name: Romero Rank: SAIC Activity Level (Active, Semi Active, In-Active, LOA): Active
  3. Name: Romero Rank: SAIC Reason for not attending(if personal then N/A): Might be able to come to this one posting just in case. If I don't make it I'm working.
  4. Name on Roster: Romero Activty Level: Active Rank: Special Agent In Charge
  5. Name: Romero Rank: SS SAIC Reason for Not Attending (If private N/A) : I Work Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
  6. + Support It would be great if Command from every branch can whitelist their trainees. Its hard to do training if the admins+ aren't on to whitelist for command of every branch. In addition, it would my life easier to train!