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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. Name: Stealth Commander Zorg/Nemo SteamID: (STEAM_0:1:117165522) Rank (Must be LTC+) Commander/BCO Why do you want to be a general?: I would like to be a General so I can help any battalions that I oversee. There is also a lack of BGs that I have noticed as well, so I'd like to step up and help. I would prefer to be the specialist Brigadier General as I have experience in both the 38th and Stealth battalions. I would like to be able to help these battalions grow and mature. It would be in my interest to find issues in battalions and try to fix them to better the battalion. I have wanted to be a General ever since I have joined this server about a year ago, and I have matured so much in that time. I want to be able to better the troopers under me as well as bettering myself. Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?: I have previous experience with leading, as I am currently Commander Zorg for the second time. I have also been Chief Research Officer and Rancor BXO Hammer. I have the knowledge of how to run a battalion and how to fix issues that may occur. When I was a moderator, I would run into minges and either give them jail time or ask a higher staff member to strike them, so I have a thing for minges. I myself try not to minge, but if I do, I will accept any punishment handed out to me. I also only have the one life, being Commander Zorg, so I would only be on the BG class if I'm on the server. How often can you be online?: Any day with summer being here, the only exception is work, which I have about 4 or 5 days a week. And as for my activity issue, I work so I can't help that. How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: I do not and never intend to.
  2. This application is being posted on behalf of my Commander (41st Commander Gree/DIO) due to his country being I.P banned from the forums, this is not my application. Name: D I O SteamID: STEAM_1:1:120135053 Rank (Must be LTC+) 41st Commander Why do you want to be a General?: I want to be a General due to the lack of Generals in charge of the Recon section of the army and I think I'll be of greater help to the community that way, assisting Commanders with whatever problems they have and overall trying to solve minor problems that could happen in the future. Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?: I believe due to my commitment to my regiment, I am a proactive person and I have a geniune interest in helping battalions and from my current position I can't do much, I also have been working on some of my issues with RP and overall changing my personality towards it. Along with the fact that I've had months of experience as Commander and previous experience as a High Command member on other communities. How often can you be online?: Weekdays: Regular activity due to work and school projects. Weekends: Very active. How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: 1 Warning (Issued during an event months ago) PS: I understand I might not seem like much and sometimes I get sidetracked (Joking around) but I believe that I can learn on the way if given the chance.
  3. omegarwp

    Omega`s LOA

    I will have to take a rest from the server reason: I think there's is people on the server that doesn't really like to much and things that had happened on these days related to the server have to make feel really bad, so I think I would have to take a little rest because I don't feel good it won't be much but I have to think about a lot of things. i also want to bring good ideas for events and take all the community feedback I got to make our events the most enjoyable experience ever. time of the LOA: just 3 days so I can restructure my ideas. I trust on my 327th and 5th fleet officers. even though if you want to talk with me personally here is my discord: OmegaRWP#8723 omega out.