• How to Change Skin in GMod

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    How to Change Skin in GMod

    gmod playermodels


    1. Hold "C" to bring up the context menu.
    2. Find the Playermodel button in the top left corner. Press it.
    3. Select the player model/skin that you want to play as.
    4. After you die next you will spawn with that player model/skin.
      • You can kill yourself by bringing up the console with the ~ key (if enabled in settings), typing kill, and pressing enter.




    Depending on gamemode, you can change your playermodel a few different ways. 



    1. Press F4
    2. Scroll through the jobs that that server has listed to find a playermodel you like.
    3. Click on it and click "Become Job" or something similar (this might change depending on the server).
    4. When you respawn you should have that player model/skin.



    Most TTT servers will have a pointshop where you can buy different player models/skins with points you receive for playing the server. Type !shop or !ps to open this menu. If these don't work simply just ask in chat if they use pointshop or how to get a different playermodel.


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