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  1. Booker added a topic in State Trooper   

    As some of you know I have recently been hired as a full time Firefighter, because of this I will not be able to be very active for the foreseeable future as I am very busy with work, training, as well as personal matters. I will try to make time to be on when possible and I hope you guys can understand.
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  2. Booker added a topic in Archive   

    Police Ticket Book Not Working
    On some cars I'm not able to give a ticket and it will just say that I am too far away but no matter where on the car I try to give a ticket it still says too far away. I've even tested trying to give a ticket from inside the front passenger seat and still get too far away so distance isnt the issue.
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  3. Booker added a post in a topic New Rule? - Police Car's   

    its very rare that someone steals a cop car as they all have a GPS in them so finding them would be very easy
    could add a GPS into the car so that if someone other than the owner is driving it an indicator (like the one that pops up for 911 calls) but people stealing cop cars IRL is too rare to be allowed on the server
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  4. Booker added a post in a topic Sherl0ck H0lmes - False Warn Report   

    Yea I had my taser before he even go out of the car because he was already running from me and he didn't advert it at all I hit him with the taser when he pulled out a weapon.
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  5. Booker added a topic in Denied   

    Sherl0ck H0lmes - False Warn Report
    Your In-game: LCPL Booker
    Your SteamID: 76561198061681127 The admin's name in-game:Sherl0ck H0lmes The admin's steam name (If you know it): What warning did you receive:FearRP Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: Some guy was trying to kidnap me while i was behind cover of a car with my tazer out pointed at him and he did not advert it (said he was in the prosses of adverting when i tazed him but did not have the speech bubble about his head) Any extra information:Sherl0ck didnt take my side of the story into consideration and seemed like he rushed through my sit, he told me to leave then after i left TPd me back to him and said I was trying to leave the sit and because of that my car was stolen and he did nothing to help me get it back which as I was told by an admin when a similar situation happened that he has to help me get it back and sherl0ck said it wasnt his problem.
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