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  1. [GL] Wolfy added a post in a topic New Training schedule   

    same goes for me
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  2. [GL] Wolfy added a post in a topic Playtime Reset   

    i had 7 week 5days and something and now i got 11 days
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  3. [GL] Wolfy added a post in a topic To All PoliceRP Staff   

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  4. [GL] Wolfy added a topic in Introductions   

    Well as you have seen in the title i have been staff here for 1 year today (not apart of GL staff) i originally found GL by accident when messing on with some friends a met an old player named cuddly panda so we became friends and i wanted to do more and more GL so i bought VIP+ then a teamspeak chanel and finaly i got added to a custom job. About 3 or 4 months of just playing here i wanted to get involved even more so applied for SWAT back when a player name Derek Vinnyard was commander and Koray was his left hand man! i was starting to get well known as a good SWAT member so decided to apply for Lieutenant after 2 attempts i was allowed into rockford police department low command. on the staff side of things i had been granted moderator (TMOD wasn't a thing back then) and it took me 11 months due to certain EX managers that i had made enemys of and thanks to the new management style i was promoted a month or so ago. so many a person has come and go but theres a few that have stayed blaziken i remember when you were a mod, Nolan we played many a time as PD NoOne i never thought id see the day they trusted you enough to have an office!, Gaur well hell i was staff before you so watched you grow to be the best staff member you could be
    there are many more people that have either gone or have stayed that i would like to thank but at this moment don't have the time.
    this is to hopefully as long a run as possible and i hope to make it far in the staff team as well as in RP ranks and hope to be around a hell of a lot longer! 
    many thanks to all of the old and new players for keeping us goin!
    and big thanks to Zeeptin and all the manages i wouldn't of been able to get to were i am with out you all!
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  5. [GL] Wolfy added a post in a topic Fame Yuki Staff Report   

    This is stupid you will not get through life if you start crying each time some one tells you to F off like can me in backin the day we would get called a hell of a lot worse!
    just talk to him rather than try to get him demoted like come on.,,
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  6. [GL] Wolfy added a post in a topic FBI Improvements   

    This is pbvious that your not in any other department and want FBI to be the ones that are I charge. Happens with every department tbh.
    you want a new director because you got demoted. Not very mature.
    although I feel some of your ideas are good you just need to think equally 
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  7. [GL] Wolfy added a post in a topic Howdy   

    Hi there welcome to gaminglight we hope you enjoy your time here and try oe of our other servers from time to time! 
    hope to see you around!
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  8. [GL] Wolfy added a post in a topic Bwuakas 1 year anniversary!   

    come and see me on ts sometime bud!
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  9. [GL] Wolfy added a post in a topic Toxic's HOS Application   

    +support only negative is he still hasnt give me a police bird so you know give me a pd birdplzplz
    and sheriff skins plz XD
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  10. [GL] Wolfy added a post in a topic Bwuakas 1 year anniversary!   

    bwuaka whos that? name doesnt ring a bell...
    how you doin mate!
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  11. [GL] Wolfy added a post in a topic NoOne's Head of Staff App   

    my man
    and funny 
    helps anyone out as much as he can!
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  12. [GL] Wolfy added a post in a topic John's Head Admin Application   

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  13. [GL] Wolfy added a post in a topic please nerf this   

    I’m sorry but this is getting out of hand swat thought ARU was to “OP” so we got nerfed and you got new guns because u complained so much I’m a former swat member and we used to work as a team and kick ass and we have normal weapons out our inv penguin and agree with me on that. It seems some people just can’t Handel and. Even fight swat want to bring waited gloves into the ring so to speak it’s even custom classes and special response units the main weapons the yukis use are awps which any1 can get novas swat gets the only gun that differs is an Negev wich isn’t very accurate anyway it’s even u guys just want to not be beaten ever and that just plain Old stupid!
    thibk about things be fore u post them u want to pay 300bucks then after over a year of it being fine some one says ur weapons that u payed for are getting nerfed I think not!
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  14. [GL] Wolfy added a post in a topic Forrest staff report   

    we all know that calls don’t come in 24/7 so give him s break I have seen you just talk to olayers and uncloak simple because there’s no calls.
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  15. [GL] Wolfy added a post in a topic Staff report admin xxx   

    +/- support
    should be trained by an experienced staff member
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