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  1. Colt45 added a post in a topic Economy Reset!   

    it's gone
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  2. Colt45 added a post in a topic Drill Instructors Thread   

    It will be implemented shortly.
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  3. Colt45 added a post in a topic New Idea For RU   

    I would like to see more of the communities input on this suggestion to decide if it is what the majority of the community wants to see.
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  4. Colt45 added a post in a topic wepon rebalance   

    Hey Dylan,
    If you could leave a list of weapons that people are complaining about and how you feel they should be balanced to support your suggestion, or if you feel like doing some research as to which weapons we should replace them with I think it would help with the vagueness of your suggestion. We will look into rebalancing of weapons if the community sees it fit.
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  5. Colt45 added a post in a topic Tagooon's Staff Application   

    Speak with me or John for tags and training.

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  6. Colt45 added a post in a topic Tanks for RU/US Crewman   

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  7. Colt45 added a post in a topic RU mountain spawnline   

    The spawnline is basically set up where if you can see a sniper on RU mountain then they are past the spawnline. 
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  8. Colt45 added a post in a topic MilitaryRP Staff Rollcall 5/27/18 - 6/10/18   

    In game Name: Colt45
    Steam ID: idk
    Staff Rank: Head of Staff
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  9. Colt45 added a post in a topic CMDL error: out of memory   

    This isn't exactly expertise but I would try and unsubscribe and delete all of your add-ons that you don't need. That's just what I would do.
    Tell me if that works!
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  10. Colt45 added a post in a topic Yuri's possible Resignation in the near future!   

    Its Been Fun Hop On The Sever When You Can!
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  11. Colt45 added a topic in General Discussions   

    Cooking With Colt?
    So I put something in the shoutbox a couple of hours ago that I kinda liked the idea of, something kind of fun to watch but practical in its own sense. #CookingWithColt
    If you guys would want to see this kind of stuff from me or any other SMT let me know by voting in the poll and giving me some ideas of what to make!
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  12. Colt45 added a topic in Sith   

    Stepping Down as Darth Vader
    I have decided to step down from the position as Darth Vader. The responsibilities of being a Head Admin/General on MilitaryRP and Darth Vader was causing me to decrease activity on both servers. So I decided to continue to prioritize MilitaryRP and step down. I will continue to help the sith as a Lord. If you have any questions or concerns, speak to me in game.

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  13. Colt45 added a post in a topic Commander and Officer jobs cannot whitelist to Rangers   

    Staff are looking into it, thanks for the report.

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  14. Colt45 added a post in a topic Hi Guys   

    Good Intro,
    Hi Im Colt45

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  15. Colt45 added a post in a topic Batons for DI   

    I like the idea of stun batons.
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