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  1. Not Daft added a post in a topic Scheffers 501st Commander Resignation   

    I respect that you admit to something unlike most commanders
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  2. Not Daft added a post in a topic Ship Departing and Entering Guidelines   

    Lore applys for most things but some of it is obviously comprismised, like having a ton of sith on a star destroyer, or having Sev alive. So in the end TIE pilots will be flying. End of story.
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  3. Not Daft added a topic in Starfighter Corps   

    Flying a Ship
    As of now, the PILOT marshall, I, say that only TIE pilots may fly. The exceptions are engineers (may only fly ships to test if they are flight ok), and Royal Guard for escorting Emperor. I would hate to have to report people for flying when they aren't allowed to! (You may fly when no pilots are on)
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  4. Not Daft added a post in a topic Ship Departing and Entering Guidelines   

    Don't worry. The only times you will be flying is during events, and thats if no pilots are on. the Game master hosting usually grants permission. Otherwise you have no RP reason to enter a ship
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  5. Not Daft added a post in a topic Fuurlixs Vice Marshall Application   

    We decided to go with the other applicant, but as of now you are "senior colonel" meaning the second Vice Marshall is open, you will be given it.
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  6. Not Daft added a post in a topic New Commanders   

    I'll say for the past 5 days I've been a bit inactive, but for 3 of those days it was LOA, and atleast I'm trying to get online compared to some commanders I see
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  7. Not Daft added a post in a topic New Commanders   

    I agree with some of them. I don't believe Invaliff is inactive, nor is Cake, or Bronco. Also why didn't you mention me, the TIE Pilot commander on either side?
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  8. Not Daft added a topic in Starfighter Corps   

    ROA Format
    Reduction of Activity (not a LOA, just means you won't be on a lot)
    Have to be officerCan't be longer then 1 and a half weeksHas to have valid reasonShould be used for things like, you have finals or classes that will keep you busyFormat:
    Roster Status:
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  9. Not Daft added a post in a topic Androntel's Brigadier General Application   

    -/+ support
    Although  I dont agree with you usually your usually right :>
    -A gen on milrp, don't want you to end up inactive on milrp or SWRP over being 2 gens
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  10. Not Daft added a post in a topic Jeffe's BG App   

    The SRT thing is false now
    - No longer SRT Co-Commander (srt was wiped, he is CPL i believe)
    - If you do get it, I expect you to be on a bit more then you are
    -neato doodo
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  11. Not Daft added a topic in Denied   

    Starbornes BG App
    Name: Starborne until I was soft pk'd to Madeline.
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:60544212
    Rank (Must be VCMDR+) Marshall (Commander of Starcorps)
    Why do you want to be a general?: Well I want to help the server by helping managing the officer ranks, aswell as promoting people in branchs whom aren't being promoted by inactive commanders. Right now what I see me doing when we have a General, if and when its me, is me making sure all the commanding ranks are doing what they should, not minging, being active, ect. For example, I might see a certain ST Vice commander be doing like 2x more then his commander. Now I get that that commander might be on LOA, but he also hasn't been on since the server released. I would try to get the vice commander the rank he deserved. Now I also want to help game masters host events with a General who actually is a general. Dont take offense to this, yes I get that most people who play General roles are experienced, but they don't have power, and lead people to not respect the role, and its overall just going to make events smoother. I also want to promote people who deserve it, but don't get it due to never having their commander on. Usually I see a low ranking enlisted not getting promoted when he roleplays better then his commander. I want to also regulate the operations of the ships. I want to make sure branchs are doing what they are doing. For example, I don't want to see a TIE Pilot marshall making his troops become a TAC unit, but I also want to make sure branchs that literally have no valid reason (212th,shock,ect) becoming Pilots. Overall, I think there are problems that can be fixed by a General, and I want to be the General to do it! I also believe that a general needs to have a mix of stern and kindness. I'm not afraid to demote someone, but I also am kind and won't demote for dumb reasons. Overall I hope you like my app.
    Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?: Well there are MAAANY reasons why. Some reasons include the for example, I have managed my branch in ways you couldn't even imagine. For example, I have managed to make a Squadron system (removed due to me trying to get a TIE Pilot update that would remove all purpose of the squads). The squadron system was very successful, brought people back to the server, and created team work. I also should be trusted because I have been around for a incredible amount of time, and with all the powers that have been given to me, I haven't once abused them. For example, when I got policeRP mod for the first time. So many people found ways to abuse the job, but I didn't. Another example, I found several game breaking bugs, that would crush the server, but instead of abusing them, I reported them to zeeptin right away. That shows integrity. I also treat everyone equally. There were a few people I severelly disliked, but I let them into my branch without bias or trouble. I never reject anyone, whether they annoy me or not. I try my best, and I always admit when I need help. Another thing, in the first 1 and a half weeks of the server, me, along with a few other commanders (Jeffe, Mervin, ect) helped run the server basically.  I was on for sometimes 10 hours at a time. Another thing, I have always had knowledge of stuff I wasn't allowed to spread, and I didn't spread it. I always keep my word, and I have been around for a looong time. I'm also worthy as I have shown honesty by admitting to not being able to do every thing single handingly. Overall I have never tried to on purpose harm the community or my branch. I hope you trust me <3
    How often can you be online?: Everyday, depends on if I have ballet or ROTC, for a few hours. On weekends all day 
    How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: on SWRP I have 0
    note: I havent been on the past 2-3 days due to a funeral
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  12. Not Daft added a post in a topic Favorite Coca-Cola Drink   

    I uh... I like the regular coke
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  13. Not Daft added a post in a topic Arnold Duck's SuperAdmin App   

    the title is supposed to say "arnold cucks superadmin app" fix ur typing
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  14. Not Daft added a topic in Starfighter Corps   

    Big Changes
    Hello Starcorps!
    As you may know all the squadrons have been removed by me for reasons I don't want to explain. But I will be implementing a new system soon!
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  15. Not Daft added a post in a topic Igneous Vice Marshall Application   

    Once finals are over, increase your activity, then we will see.
    (open to more supports)
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