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  1. Alsher added a topic in Community Annoucements   

    Alsher's 72 hour notice
    Alsher's Life with Gaminglight:
    Not all of you may know but, I have been around with Gaminglight for almost 2 years (about 1 month until 2 years). During that time, only one week was non staffing as I became a trial mod on MiltaryRP my second week here. I spent my time climbing the ranks of both a soldier and a staff member. Along the way making some long lasting friends like Krimson,Knossos, Grimlock, Hunt3r, Sith, and of course Hotshot. Hotshot was manager with Valk at the time and over time I climbed the officer ranks and after a few months was an admin and a Major. I continued through the grind and after some rogue staff leaving and some resignations of generals, I finally took my place from Brigadier General Alsher(Tubby if your an OG) to General Alsher along with the worst Co General Ever, Revalence. Anyways I later went on to earn Superadmin and continue to oversee Russia as a General for now over a year and a half. Kenny eventually became Manager after Hotshot left and I would then go on to take my adventure of 10 months as a Superadmin. Eventually My time had come and Zeeptin plopped me into his office as I awaited for the magical words to say I was promoted to manager. And that's when I began my life as a Head of Staff.(<3 u zeptin) I continued this grind of out performing Kenny as he became inactive and unloved and was eventually forced to a vote of being removed or becoming co management. We were manager buddies Until, he was later removed fully. I began to completely manage the server on my own and around this time is what I would say would be my peak I pumped out new updates, new balance patches, events, meetings, and so on. At this point it was about 1 year and a few months with the server and, IMO my decline started here however, then ,it wasn't noticeable. Gmod is a fun game I wont lie but, the same server for such a long time and not really having a higher position to reach lead me to start to lose interest. However, I held it up I continued doing alright for at least the next 6 months, until about January. January is when I believe the downward slope really began to increase its sharpness. I was really losing interest and many of you may have begin to see my lack of activity. Because of this I began to seek an heir. Perry was to be my replacement, he was an amazing staff member and friend. He did his job better than I had seen anyone do before him and that Is why he ran through all the ranks like they were nothing. Now the sad truth is, I was planning on resigning sooner, I really thought Perry would be a great replacement. Then, Perry Resigned... Alas, I loved the community and the server too much to leave it with no leader. From that point on I would call it my darker era. I had little interest with the server left and at that point was just pretending because I knew I was still better than any other choice as no one was ready. It was a minor change in perspective at this time when I came to think of maybe staying but, it didn't last long. I still came out with events, hosted meetings, tried to do updates, and then finally doomsday occurred. Basically, for the first time, perfect Alsher, Messed up big time. Many of you remember the update with the removal of Navy and many more changes with it. Now it wasn't all my fault however I do take the blame for it as it is my server and Zeeptin is busy with everything. I eventually fixed everything but at that point I lost the trust of many and slowly tried to re earn it. However, I do know that it was that event that made me realize that I need to find someone to take my place as I literally couldn't bare to play anymore. That is where John came in. Another fantastic staff member that I decided would be my new Heir. A rush forward to the present and John has continued to do fantastic things for the server and is a very new and energetic staff member that I believe will be the one to take my place. He has many things to learn through experiences and I have lended him as many point of my prior knowledge as I could. Please make sure to give him a chance.Now to wrap things up I would like to ask for forgiveness about the last month or so. Many of you may have noticed I just disappeared and while some of it was justified due to school most of it wasn't. I hit the wall. I couldn't muster the strength to keep going which is why I stopped trying. I am sorry. Soooo Sorry that I failed to go on. I just have grown out of it, or in general am bored of the same thing that I have done for 2 years. I hope you all can forgive me for my sins over the years and for the inactivity in the last month. I hope you remember me for before this darker era of my prime time and I love all of you. Some of you,(You know who you are) Have given me an extra friend to play with here and there or even all the time. I do plan on staying here in the community, on the forums, in the TS to hang out with friends, however I did not want to hold my position and block anyone else cough* john cough* from getting to it like it was for me cough* Kenny cough*. Concluding Statement, I really love you guys and all of the adventures we have gone through and I really hope we can all continue to hang out on the servers or even off of them as well.
    TLDR: I am Resigning. I have been here a very long time. I have gone through the ranks in  a fair way earning my General of the Army rank and Manager rank even waiting 10 months as a Super admin to receive a promotion.(Back then HA and HS didn't exist, I was the first HS). I has my peak of doing events, updates, balance patches, and my lows of inactivity or having a bad update. I am sorry for my recent inactivity but for being with the same server for two years you can start to find it boring or just lose interest in general. Concluding Statement, I really love you guys and all of the adventures we have gone through and I really hope we can all continue to hang out on the servers or even off of them as well.
    Also please Do NOT resign just because I am resigning.
    Cool Peeps:
    If you aren't here its because Idk you(or u left the community), I forgot, or I hate you.
    Zeeptin: Man, I remember the first time I saw you ever was back in desert map where you, Valk and Hotshot got on USA and were snipers. I really appreciate the time and dedication you put into running these servers and for allowing me to participate in such a fantastic community. It has been an honor to carry you in every game and to help you with your GPU fans. <3
    Hotshot- I will be forever in your debt for accepting me into your server and allowing me to rise through the ranks of the server and befriend you over time.
    Snar- **** you. Jk, Y didn't you go to the football game you lazy Pokemon. UGH, Anyways was a pleasure hanging out with you on Starwars with Lenny and whatnot, hope you continue on and do well. P.S don't kill any servers please.
    Nolan/Noone - I never really knew you two too well but we had a few times of playing games with each other and being SMT already groups together as a family.
    Gaur- How the **** did you get your rank after what happend with fallout
    Colt45- Thank you for staying after you wanted to resign this entire time, it meant a lot to me and if you wish to leave now you may.
    Sith- You have been my favorite person to meet out of this entire as a friend that I hope lasts for a long time. <3 u
    Scheffer/Soileau- Love and hate both of you. You guys caused me enough trouble with complaints lol but you both eventually made it to where you are so good luck.
    Grant- Long lasting member and will always remember you.
    Perry- Love you m8, Wish you would have stayed but I understand why you left. Stop playing R6S
    Spades- Hoi4 too good. anyway great friend terrible staff, lol <3
    Cole- Best undercover agent ever. Love you for all the bitching you did. You made MilitaryRP a  better server.
    Alistair- Best dutch boi
    Megapixel- Long lasting friends and staff member. Still plan to play and hangout with you m8.
    Rook- Man I really had a good time in the past. BUT YOU WONT STOP SPAMMING ME.
    John- I wish you luck in your future with the server, And I hope you continue to be an amazing staff member and I hope you do well with the community.
    I may add more later but had to stop for now sorry.
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  2. Alsher added a post in a topic Reborns Admin App   

    Accepted. Even though I asked for 20!
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  3. Alsher added a post in a topic Felix's Super Admin Apllication   

    Accepted during Meeting
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  4. Alsher added a topic in Community Annoucements   

    Alsher’s LOA 4/9-4/12
    I am taking an LOA due to having an AP Chem mock exam and many more quizzes for a stressful week. Sorry about this but I need to do this or else my parents would beat me (not actually)
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  5. Alsher added a post in a topic Delta's staff app   

    Denied,No Support from community.
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  6. Alsher added a post in a topic Ru DeadShot   

    Should all be fine
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  7. Alsher added a post in a topic T.A.U. Weapon change #2   

    Flash bangs are fine
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  8. Alsher added a post in a topic Public Message to Alsher   

    Now I understand that some of you may be frustrated to see a lack to these fixes but most if not all have explanations and some I don't believe were ever promised and or are to vague and I may have fixed some parts but not all and was never told.However I will explain the complications for each of these below.
    Explosive Specialist- Currently the issues is a weapon that is not to powerful but also isn't too weak. Grenades lead to grenade spam which we have had in the past and no one enjoyed. However I was willing to do a slow loading grenade launcher however, the launcher has a value coded into that 1 shots a player on direct impact that I have asked zeeptin to look into but never got a response.
    Models- Any of the crashing models that appeared in the large update were fixed and I don't know exactly what you are referencing here. If you are saying you want more diverse models, well I am willing to take suggestions but I don't have any issues and haven't heard any recent complaints about them.
    Colors of Jobs on Player List- I never said anything about this. If you truly think I did than sorry I have no idea what this is about.
    Aircraft- Again Idk what the current issue is As I believe all the tipping helicopters were fixed and new planes were added to allow more diversity. Lag from the pack is something I have no control of...
    Flags- I am assuming you mean when sniping the flag is in the way. I have addressed this issue with Zeeptin several times and he says we would need a developer to change the way the points are coded in order to move the picture and not the whole point.(I have no control when this is completed)
    MOTD- I never made any promises about this and I don't know what exactly you are referring too. The MOTD does not have every rule in it or else it would be 1000 pages long. If you have a rule that you think is very important and should be included, feel free to contact me, but know most rules can be filtered into failRP. Also I am doing a update to it with John later today and Will hopefully clean it up a bit.
    More Gambling- Yes I promised this, I did speak to zeeptin, and I guess I can bring it up again...
    Taliban - Recently I have been more pushing events than this rework as people don't agree what we should do with them but, If anyone wants too feel free to make a suggestion post titled something like "Ideas for Taliban" and start a thread with many ideas on what to add or rework.
    Training System- I do believe I promised this but, I am also sure I promised it with an IF and that IF is that we have a larger player base. If we have 50 people on every afternoon and maybe 10-20 earlier I would bring back the old system as there would be enough people to train but currently I do not feel as there is enough players.
    Now I don't want this to be a continuous complaint thread, SO I am locking this post however for the next few days my office will be visible for people to look into. If you see I am there feel free to leave me a message or head to my waiting room if you have any other concerns that you would like to address with me.
    P.S Lemon I received your messages many times and I did give your steam ID the tags. However, if the steam ID you gave me was incorrect, than that is why you never got the tags so feel free to contact me asap.
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  9. Alsher added a post in a topic Green's Application For Staff   

    Accepted, Speak to me or John to receive a trainer.
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  10. Alsher added a post in a topic Green's Application For Staff   

    Pending, Fix the format (Colors and Italics)
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  11. Alsher added a post in a topic Doctor Hobo Staff App   

    Denied, No Support from the community, Please wait 2 weeks to reapply.
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  12. Alsher added a post in a topic Omnistars Trial Moderator Application   

    Accepted, Speak to me to receive tags and trainer.
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  13. Alsher added a post in a topic Doctor Hobo Staff App   

    Denied, Incorrect Format/No Support
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  14. Alsher added a post in a topic Johnsons T-Mod app   

    Accepted, Please speak to me in order to receive a trainer.
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  15. Alsher added a post in a topic VCMod APC   

    Will Work on Implimenting
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