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  1. Gustard added a post in a topic Wolffes 2018 intro   

    nice to meet you
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  2. Gustard added a post in a topic My house burned down   

    I mean we have two gofundme's but im not going to link them, because I don't feel like it would be a good idea, nor do I think Zeeptin or Mr.Valkyrie would like that!!
    they are
    me too
    we think it started from our Jeep
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  3. Gustard added a topic in General Discussions   

    My house burned down
    Hey guys It's been a few months since I resigned, but I still like to hang around GamingLight. I keep getting messages on steam asking if i'm ever coming back, and originally I had planned on doing so. The problem is that my house burned down, and I lost EVERYTHING except for my computer, and my Honda. It was literally the scariest moment of my life, and I'm lucky to be okay. As soon as I saw smoke I unplugged my rig, picked it up, and ran as fast as I could. Here is a few pictures if you are interested. I'm not asking for your pity, I just wanted to share with you guys.

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  4. Gustard added a post in a topic Artwork I made recently   

    second one looks cool
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  5. Gustard added a topic in US Military   

    Gustards Resignation
    I am hereby leaving MilitaryRP as GOA. I have this thing called a life, and I honestly cant stand to even look at my computer anymore. All I ask is to be left under reserve generals once I give Alsher ownership of the US Roster...
    Goodluck to the next GOA, and I hope you don't get bored.
     I love you all!
    All Current Generals (BG-GEN): Keep the US going, and do not let me down! 
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  6. Gustard added a post in a topic US EXTREME DISRESPECT   

    I would just like to say that I support the NFL in taking a knee during the National Anthem, because it is a protest of un needed Police Violence in The United States. It has nothing to do with disrespecting the Country or the Flag as a whole. (That is what most people do not understand)
    I am not sure if you would actually be arrested for Kneeling during the Anthem as a Military Personel, but since our server is MILITARY RP (and our side is role played as the US) I expect to see ALL SOLDIERS (no matter what rank you are) stand and salute during the National Anthem (whenever it is played)
    The only appropriate times to play the National Anthem would be before or after Debrief.
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  7. Gustard added a post in a topic Cleverz -T-Moderator Application   

    You do not appear to be ready for staff on more than one server AND
    You need to have permission from The manager of the server you are currently staff on as well as the manager of the server you wish to be staff on to apply!
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  8. Gustard added a post in a topic More class slots   

    This would need to be looked over by Alsher, but I believe the amount of slots are fine.
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  9. Gustard added a post in a topic ARMY YOUTUBE AND CHILL!   

    I can see this going bad very quickly lol
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  10. Gustard added a post in a topic Bring Back Tanks/adding mines   

    Our server has a bad history with tanks. The Gbomb addon sounds cool though... you should make another suggestion post with a link to Gbomb.
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  11. Gustard added a post in a topic Gambling   

    Techincally we could have added a rule that said "staying in base to gamble instead of fighting in war = warn" or something along those lines, but its up to Alsher/Zeeptin
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  12. Gustard added a post in a topic Gunthers LOA   

    also make sure you post this in your branch's forums next time.
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  13. Gustard added a post in a topic Jakes T-MOD Application   

    Accepted! Please speak to me or Alsher to receive a staff trainer.
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  14. Gustard added a post in a topic Gambling   

    Yes it was fun but 90% of the soldiers would not go out to war because of them.
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  15. Gustard added a post in a topic WAC ideas/Improvements   

    This will most likely never be changed because barely anyone would be able to tell which helicopter was for which side. If this was removed, it would result in people shooting down friendly helicopters and blaming it on not knowing which side the helicopter belonged to.
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