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  1. Mijimoe added a post in a topic [IMPORTANT] PoliceRP Staff Rolecall!   

    Rank: Moderator
    SteamID: (Steamid.xyz.com) STEAM_0:1:47989316
    Need Correct Forums Rank (Yes/No) Yes
    Needs In Game Rank (Yes/No) No
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  2. Mijimoe added a post in a topic FiveM Status   

    I wonder what It could be XD
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  3. Mijimoe added a post in a topic Apple, Samsung, or Google?   

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  4. Mijimoe added a post in a topic Melon Mans Tmod Application   

    - Support
    - Never Seen ingame or teamspeak
    - Application is very basic needs more information 
    - Not active on the fourms 
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  5. Mijimoe added a post in a topic Staff Defibs   

    + Support
    - Would make dealing with certain situations easier for the staff team
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  6. Mijimoe added a post in a topic Mika Yuki/SnowKitten’s T Mod App   

    - Active on the community 
    - Good Roleplayer
    - Respectful to playerbase
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  7. Mijimoe added a post in a topic To All PoliceRP Staff   

    Read and Understood
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  8. Mijimoe added a post in a topic My house burned down   

    My condolences to you
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  9. Mijimoe added a post in a topic Velvets LOA   

    Good luck and we hope to see you on Gaminglight again sometime in the future
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  10. Mijimoe added a post in a topic Bring back photon   

    1. + Support: A lot more options for the PD to choose from in regards to vehicles
    2.  - Support: Don’t think this is a nessersary addtion to the server and may cause problems in the long run 
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  11. Mijimoe added a post in a topic More EMS Roleplay   

    + Support 
    - Would add more roleplay to the EMS 
    - Would give the EMS more options on how to deal with someone who may be injured based on the situation that had occured
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  12. Mijimoe added a post in a topic Closeman's Trial Moderator Application   

    + Support
    - Active 
    - Good Roleplayer 
    - Experienced
    - 0 Warns 
    - Previously Staff on GL
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  13. Mijimoe added a post in a topic What Do You Guys Wanna See?   

    Yes having a schedule would be nice so that way people know hey there will be that big event on this specific day that way more players will hop on the server.
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  14. Mijimoe added a post in a topic Say something about me   

    “Looks at Velvet Yuki in a confused fashion then proceeds to slowly walk away glancing back at this unknown individual”
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  15. Mijimoe added a topic in Accepted   

    Mijimoe's Trial Mod Application
    What is your in-game name?: Mijimoe
    What is your steam name?: Mijimoe
    What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:1:47989316
    Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) I have a lot of experience staffing on Garrys Mod I will go over all my staff experience so this will be quite long. My first staff gig was on Minecraft I know but this was when I was really younger back when Minecraft was still a thing I was an Admin on this server one Minecraft server which no longer exist as that was a very long time ago. After this Minecraft gig I found my first Gmod staffing career on a Darkrp server which would later become a very large community having servers on gamemodes such as DarkRP, Basewars, Cinema, Prop Hunt and TTT, in this community I would start out as a moderator and work my way up to Super Admin. During this period of time before the community fell I had also established myself on other community's as well and would hold staff ranks on gamemodes like Serious Half Life RP and Attack on Titan. After this period of time which was about a year I wandered around gmod for a time establishing myself on numerous DarkRP's, One 1942RP and multiple Star Wars RP Community's.
     Finally we reach my Gaminglight staff experience which would begin shortly after my leaving from a star wars community I would arrive on Gaminglight. Now how was I recruited into staff on Gaminglight back then well I had gone though one of the verbal interview things they held back then which I decided to hop on too with some other people who also had wanted to be part of the GL staff team.  I would work with GL for quite some time however I made the decision to leave GL due to the disrespect shown by the staff team to the player base or the utter disregard for players from the Upper Administration (Primarily Valk). After leaving GL I was already a mod on a another PoliceRP server made up of people who left GL for similar reasons whether that be disrespect or just unprofessionalism from the community.
     I would work with this community rising though the chain of command till it came my time to take the mantle of owner of the community however by that time the community was already faltering having three owners already with me being the fourth. I would be unable to prevent the collapse of the community however I was able to sustain it for much longer than was expected. After the collapse of this PoliceRP I uninstalled GMOD for a while and decided it was time for a break from GMOD with the stress of owning a server and watching it collapse it's not something that is ever taken easy the first time it happens. I would eventually return to GMOD and going back into the Gmod staffing going back to star wars RP for administration becoming the manager of the server overtime though this community like many others fell.
    After the fall of the star wars community I decided it was time to form my own community and did for a while though after a few months the community faulted due to misgiven trust in some members of the staff team. Finally we reach the conclusion which is right now basically at this very moment I do not work with any community's or have any staff roles though I do have a job with a Hosting company. In conclusion I held many different staff roles throughout my time on Garry's Mod some of which I have my fun with than others but I always had pride in my work (Staff Roles Held in GMOD as Followed/Trial Mod-Numerous DarkRP's and Star Wars RP's/Moderator-Numerous DarkRP's, Star Wars RP's, Attack on Titan/Admin-Dark RP's, Star Wars RP's, Serious Half Life RP, 1942RP/Super Admin Two Star Wars RP'S, Cinema, Basewars, TTT, Prophunt, DarkRP/Manager Star WarsRP/Developer Star WarsRP/Owner Two Communites
    What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) I started Playing Gaminglight back in 2016 (Evo-City)
    What date did you make your forums account? I had an older account which had to be removed due to the account being broken this new account is a newer account that had to be made
    Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)? VIP+
    How many warns do you have on the server? 0 Warns
    Have you donated? Yes
    What rank are you applying for? Trial Moderator
    Have you read the staff guidelines at http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/20650-staff-handbook/? You will be tested on it:
    Timezone: CST
    Permission (Admin+ need this):
    Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (Can be any length) The reason that I feel I deserve trial-mod is because I believe I should have another shot at administration on Gaminglight back when I was staff I did a really good job with dealing with sits, assisting new players and I in fact enjoy helping the player base whether that be answering a question or concern they may have or mediating a sit to determine who is the one at fault of breaking a rule. This pride in my administrative work never cracked I have always tried to keep an air of professionalism in everything I did whether that be dealing with a sit or simply answering a question as being a member of the staff team means "you" represent the community based on your actions. Now while I was staff on GL did I ask for help sometimes from my fellow staff members yes of course I did and I helped my fellow staff members who asked for help from me in regards to sits which required some more insight concerning the rules as some rules aren’t always straightforward in all situations like in regards to RP which you have to determine in some sits what is roleplay or is not roleplay. I know as a member of the GL staff team with even more knowledge from my staff experience to help benefit the community as a whole maybe not right away but over time yes I feel that is a possible outcome of my service within the GL staff team once again. Now I may be asked "alright well you bring your staff experience to the table but what else do you bring?" I bring more than just my experience but my also things that may make me stand out from some of the staff team. One example is my ability to not be bias in a situation now let me explain when a staff excuses a player of lying and prosecutes him for said lying I keep an open mind and always listen to both sides of the stories before ever myself making a judgement on the matter.
    How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? Once I brought this individual into a sit I would let him explain himself first or simply let him cuss at me for a minute to see if he calms down as he may be angry about something that may have occurred I would let him do this for like a minute then proceeded to ask if he was ready to discuss the consequences of his action in which case I can’t determine the answer as it may be a yes or no. Though this could also go the route where he is simply being a minge and continues to cuss at me after a one minute period of time which in that I would proceed to !gag him so that I may explain why he was brought up to the sit and explain his punishment to him. The punishment for Mass RDM is 10,000 Minge so that is what I would proceed to do and if I felt that additional action would be required I would make sure to talk to my superior’s about further punishment if I felt this individual was either a constant minge or a threat towards the community. In conclusion Mass RDM is considered a 10,000 Minge which would happen however I do try and allow this user a chance to explain himself concerning why he would Mass RDM as not everything is as black and white as it may seem.
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