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  1. Zayn added a post in a topic Loli Austin & CHIKEN Warn Request   

    Doesn't really work like that. nothing is supporting it from the bottom so in reality, the platform would collapse, you'd just fall through.
    I never came back after I told you it was prop climb, Today I told you that you were prop climbing and i had already verbally warned you for it so it should be a warn. Never promised a warn lol. I'm sorry but whether they say it's ok or not. It's still TECHNICALLY prop climb.
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  2. Zayn added a topic in Denied   

    Loli Austin & CHIKEN Warn Request
    Your In-game: Zayn Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:148654009  The player's name in-game: Loli Austin, CHIKEN PD The player's steam name (If you know it): N/A What did the player do: Prop Climbed inside their base to reach a higher level for vantage point over PD and any raiders. Evidence (REQUIRED): | | First picture is length | 2nd is with only one prop supporting the structureAs seen here, their long walkway is supported by ONE ramp at the far side, which is technically prop climb since nothing is holding it up, I had verbally warned CHIKEN last night and told him I'd be fine if he had it supported. But obviously hadn't listened. [Austins props but CHIKEN could have told him about it]  Once called out for prop climb, Austin did also call me salty seen here:  What do you believe should happen to the player: Warns should be given out | Loli Austin = Staff Diss / Player Diss [x] Prop Climb | CHIKEN = i have no clue Can't wait for all the Loli's to -Support xD
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  3. Zayn added a post in a topic Finch's Trial Moderator Application   

    -Former Staff
    -Has experience
    -Great Friend
    -Knows rules
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  4. Zayn added a post in a topic Austins T mod Application   

    HUGE -Support
    I saw you and Corbin minging while he was on duty earlier today, I don't want that kind of people on the staff team.
    -Extremely Disrespectful
    -Calls players salty when things don't go his way - 
    -Unfit for staff
    You need to act better, cause your current attitude is not acceptable.
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  5. Zayn added a post in a topic Checkraisefold false warn   

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  6. Zayn added a post in a topic FBI Role Call!   

    In-Game Name: Zayn Yukiteru
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:148654009
    Rank: SAIC
    Are you active or semi-active on fbi? Really Active
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  7. Zayn added a post in a topic F.B.I Bitminer issue.   

  8. Zayn added a post in a topic BSI respond to this   

    Name: Zayn
    Rank: Prob Invest
    Timezone: PST
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  9. Zayn added a post in a topic How to bitcoin mine   

    Upgrade 2 never works for me lol bug?
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  10. Zayn added a post in a topic Joey Hoodinie   

    reasons above
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  11. Zayn added a post in a topic Remove bitminers 2   

    no, i like money.
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  12. Zayn added a post in a topic Swearing is against the rules on a server where you can commit heinous crimes?   

    You were warned for Swearing in OOC. After I had said No Swearing in OOC. Clear and valid warn. 
    The lil peep thing had nothing to do with it, just kinda annoyed me you kept mentioning his death over and over and he was a friend and it was a tragic death.. Not why you were warned though.
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  13. Zayn added a post in a topic StarWarsRP Suggestions   

    a few Lore Battalions and Jedi for VIP+,
    Media Players for OOC Lounge and Bunks,
    OOC Lounge.
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  14. Zayn added a post in a topic STriders V2 INTRO   

    Wait, you're cheating on me? Blocked.
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  15. Zayn added a post in a topic Семья Маркова   

    любовь, товарищ.
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