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  1. .wut added a post in a topic Ryan's Captain Application   

    -Very Active
    -Always in comms
    -Provides helpful info to others during war
    -Deserves the spot
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  2. .wut added a post in a topic Colt45 Head Admin Application   

    -Very Active
    -Really helpful and is fit for the position
    -Genuine person
    -Knows the rules, and can lay down the law in the best way fitting
    I think that Colt really does deserve this rank, and the reasons speak for themselves.
    Good luck!
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  3. .wut added a topic in Navy   

    USN ENS African LOA
    I am going somewhere with my family.
    I should be back around the 29th or 30th.
    See ya soon!
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  4. .wut added a topic in Navy   

    African Navy Seal Application
    1. What Is Your In-game Name: USN ENS African
    2. What Is Your current Rank?: Ensign
    3. Who Would Like To See You As a Navy Seal?: 1LT Weaselcake and 2LT Chris Kyle
    4. Why Should We Trust You to be a Navy Seal?:
    I feel that I should be trusted with the responsibility of being a Navy Seal because I have successfully cooperated with squads and teams in the past, and I can reflect that teamwork onto current situations.
    5. Why Do You Want To Be a Navy Seal?:
    I want to be a Navy Seal because I want to expand my firepower, widen my skill set, and be able to help more when help is needed. First of all, joining the Navy Seals open me up to a larger range of weaponry. Not only does better weaponry allow me to perform better as a soldier but this would also open me up to more strategies and tactics. Second, being with an elite group would help me improve my skills. Being put into tougher situations, ones that the Seals are designed to deal with, would help me overall. Finally, if I were in the Seals I would be able to help out more. Whether this may include helping at the base or out at a mission, being in the Seals would give me a bigger platform to do that.
    8. What Is Your Timezone?: EST
    9. How Often Can You Be On?: I can be on for at the very least an hour a day.
    10. Are you a well trained & disciplined Soldier?: Yes.
    11. How many warns do you have?: None.
    12. Do you have any Active strikes?: No.
    13. Are you capable of completing the mission & helping out your team mates any way necessary?: Yes.
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  5. .wut added a post in a topic Happy Holidays my MilRP friends (pls dont kill me for irrelevancy)   

    Merry killmas, if that’s your thing I guess.
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  6. .wut added a post in a topic HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!   

    Stay jolly bro!
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  7. .wut added a post in a topic RETURNING MEMBER Chris Kyle   

    Welcome back Chris. It’s always good to hear about people like you returning! :)
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