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  1. Frank Wayne added a topic in Royal Guard   

    Frank's MASS LOA
    Imperial Royal Guard Cadet Frank, reporting in.
    I will not be active until August 9th ish because I will be at a BSA camp all summer. (I will be Working there)
    Please set me to LOA on the Royal Guard roster and I will see you all in August.
    (I will get to level 6 tonight, just for you Mervin)
    I Respect my Oath Of Silence,
    Frank Wayne.
    (First to post an LOA In StarWarsRP, OOF)
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  2. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic MilitaryRP Staff Rollcall 5/27/18 - 6/10/18   

    In game Name: Frank Wayne
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:128750450
    Staff Rank: Moderator
    I'm going on Mass LOA, Check the Post in the LOA Section.
    I also do not have my Mod tags in game, Forums or on my PC TS Account (I only have it on my Phone TS account)
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  3. Frank Wayne added a topic in Army   

    Frank's MASS LOA
    Starting tommorow at 6pm i will be working at a scout camp all summer, teaching people my age how to hack into computers, Design Games, etc. Hell, maybe I can get some new GMOD players to join Gaminglight.
    I talked to scheffer about it, my rank is being set to do not touch and I will NOT be able attend meetings.
    Yall better be here when i get back
    See you in august,
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  4. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Knife Giveaway   

    What do you call the co-leader of the south Korean rebellion?
    The RICE Commander.
    Karambit or M9 Bayonet (not butterfly knife pls)
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  5. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Colt45 Head of Staff Application   

  6. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic United States Role Call   

    Name(No Rank): Frank Wayne
    All Ranks: US LTC
    Join Date: August 2017
    Desired Status: Active
    Why should you keep your rank: I JUST transferred.
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  7. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Links Staff report   

    We all make mistakes, like hell, yesterday I did !bring RU because there was a recruit minging with that name. (The entire RU was brought)
    (Also I'm a Moderator without Mod tags, see me in TS if needed)
    But we all gotta learn from mistakes
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  8. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Request for MAJ Truth for false demotion   

    End of Discussion
    Take it to PM's
    I'd rather not have to grab soileau to lock this post.
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  9. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Request for MAJ Truth for false demotion   

    First 10 minutes of returning from the land of the Finals and tests/ AFK.
    What in the F*ck is going on here.
    Smurf, just let it go, both of us have baton abused before. Hell, we all have. We used to play freaking tag around the RU base with baton's.
    (That was only because no US was on to fight)
    End of argument, take it to PM's
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  10. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Shadow's Admin Application   

    A Senior Mod with 30 posts...
    Question 15 isn't answered very well.
    Among the 5 months you've been here, you only made 30 posts.
    I'd like to support this because I've known you in game for some time.
    But for God's sake, get more active on the forums, 30 posts is barely Trial Mod worthy.
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  11. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Hades Ranger Application   

    "I have years of experience"
    "Sargent Major"...SARGENT.
    Also @McFortniteGod is looking like an Alt account. Nobody makes a forum account just to +1 a specific person's app.
    Mcfortnite god, what is your name on the roster?
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  12. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic RUAF Rolecall May 28th Monday - June 5th Tuesday   

    Name: Frank
    Activity: Dealing with finals/ inactive
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  13. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic RUAF Rolecall - Will be redone on May 27th   

    Name: RUAF LTC Frank
    Rank: LTC
    Activity: Every other day, Finals and shit.
    Any Concerns: Matricies sucks at flying, should not be head trainer for AFI.
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  14. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Meetings   

    I intended to make the meeting, I got sidetracked, sorry about that.
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  15. Frank Wayne added a topic in RU Military   

    I would use the regular Doc to explain why I couldn't make it to today's meeting, but this gets around faster.
    I'm at a sleepover with my cousin at the moment and we've been killing each other for the past couple of hours (Hence why I wasn't on)
    I did leave my freaking PC on at my father's house though, so you'll notice that it says that I'm still on GMOD, even though I'm not.
    Just wanted to let the higher ups know why I couldn't make it.
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