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  1. Jazz added a topic in Marines   

    Jazz Resignation
    I feel right now is my time to go thank you all for a great ride its been really fun. i'll miss you all.
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  2. Jazz added a post in a topic Pilgim's CPT App   

    your responses really should be like 30 words min
    good soldier
    good leader
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  3. Jazz added a post in a topic US MARINE CORPS MEETING   

    i just put out my loa form but i will still be there.
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  4. Jazz added a topic in Marines   

    Jazz LOA
    I have been playing this server nonstop for the past couple of months and need a week off, thank you.
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  5. Jazz added a post in a topic Omnistars Trial Moderator Application   

    good player
    knows rules
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  6. Jazz added a post in a topic Johnsons T-Mod app   

    good player
    knows the rules
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  7. Jazz added a post in a topic Pilgrim's CPT App!   

    Good Soldier
    Knows what he is doing
    (app is quite slim though)
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  8. Jazz added a post in a topic Davis’s CPT App   

    good leader
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  9. Jazz added a topic in Marines   

    Jazz Trainer Application
    1. Name: USMC MARSOC LTC Jazz
    2. Rank: LTC
    3. Who recommended you to become a trainer (2 Officers, and 1 USMC Officer Min.)?: USMC COL FORECON CMDR Phantom,USAF MAJCOM Colonel Brandon, USMC MARSOC CMDR MailBox
    4. Why do you want to be a trainer?: I want to be a trainer because I want to help the USMC grow not just with more members, but I want to see the soldiers that are joining and that are already in the USMC growing into more skillful soldiers to better benefit the US military.
    5. Why should we trust you with training?: I should be trusted with training because I always try and set a good example to new marine recruits by teaching them proper behavior in debrief, who they should be saluting and radio courtesy I am also a LTC in the USMC and a member of MARSOC so i am fully capable of teaching new recruits proper aim, callouts, and positioning during wars.
    6: Do you have access to a job with a baton?: Yes, I have access to the USMC: Officer job.
    7. Can you lead DB troops and do you take initiative?: I have lead DB many times, I am always a squad leader during wars, and I am always trying to take initiative by setting a positive example for all marines.
    8. Are you able to do training frequently (1-2 times a day if time calls for it)?: Yes, before I used to try and call tryouts at least once a day.
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  10. Jazz added a post in a topic Im Back   

    Welcome back!
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  11. Jazz added a topic in Marines   

    Jazz activity
    I just want to apologize for being a lot less active the past 3 days, the reason is I am taking the SAT on saturday, so after that I will be back to normal activity.
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  12. Jazz added a post in a topic Konrad's LOA   

    Have fun on LOA!
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  13. Jazz added a post in a topic USMC Roll Call   

    Name: Jazz
    Rank: LTC
    Date Joined: Don't know exact date but it was roughly 3 months ago
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  14. Jazz added a post in a topic Jazz TMod App   

    Thank you guys for the support and feedback!
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  15. Jazz added a post in a topic Jazz TMod App   

    [Edit] 15. How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? First if after I brought them they were being a disturbance, and not stopping I would gag/mute them then I would continue on to explain to them what rules have been broken the punishment for the rules that have been broken issue a warn, and then enable anti minge on them for 1,000 seconds until a higher up comes on then have them extend it to 10,000 seconds.
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