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  1. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Pilgrim's FORECON App   

    +Support (Mostly if my opinion means anything)
    +Good soldier
    +Can lead efficiently
    +Knows his ways around and battle tactics
     -Putting in things like "Normie" Is not exactly.... Professional to say the least. It's not a big issue, just be sure to be more serious, especially in a FORECON Application
    -USMC Retired Major Gen Pie
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  2. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Seth USMC CPT Application   

    Well hey glad to see seth got Capt he was one of the guys I trained that I saw as a potential officer, and what do you know lol
    - Major Gen Pie
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  3. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Congrats to the new GOA!   

    Late but congrats, this was well deserved john, you work way too hard even as a GOA!
    Back from CPT Buddies, now all grown up, I'm glad you got a position you deserve man
    -Retired Old Guy (I wonder Who)
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  4. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Niko's LOA   

    Wow what a guy who works anyways? Your supposed to be on 24/7 and bossing people around with jug come on that's your j o b homie ;-;
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  5. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Jazz Resignation   

    Aw sorry to see Jazz go, USMC needs more good officers like you man.
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  6. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Major General's Pie Resignation   

    Die Tumz, I had my reasons for the first Resignation. I'm leaving my leadership spot because it's ****ing boring and not even fun anymore, the US can find a better leader soon.
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  7. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Major General's Pie Resignation   

    A soNG?
    Heh I mean I do like the US Soldier gun, I'll think about it
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  8. Piesmartguy added a topic in US Military   

    Major General's Pie Resignation
    I've thought about this for a few months, but now finally things are stable enough for me to finally retire. Honestly, I can't play this game in RP anymore and even though I may be a good leader and can lead (Well, I am sure I can by now I hope .-.) I just can't do this to the best of my ability anymore. I'll come back perhaps as a US PVT or something but I just don't wanna hold a general spot if I keep complaining to myself to get on everyday and not getting enough done while someone else can be doing my job much better and never complain about the server and improve things. Basically, someone can do my same job much better than I can now at this point. I'll let you in on the stuff I'm doing though. I'm going through R O T C atm and gonna enlist after I'm through High School (Marines). I'll think about what my MOS will be and stuff, but I'll decide in a bit. I also gotta focus a bit more on school cause of the fact that I ain't gonna do good on the other shit If I don't start learning rn. I know Phantom is enlisting also, I hope to see you out there in a few years perhaps.
    People I want to give thanks to.
    Scheffer - Thanks for always being who you are, it sounds weird but you've been a role model to me. While I may not be as harsh, I take inspiration from most of the stuff you taught me back when you were VCMDR. Stay true to how you do things, and I'm rooting you on for GOA my friend.
    Phantom - You already know. Your basically a brother at this point. You help me with stuff in my life and I help you. I want to thank you for being there when I needed you and would be happy to call ya a older brother at this point. Hope the marine thing works out soon, it'll get better over time my friend.
    Niko - Funny as **** to mess around with ya, maybe try going up the ranks again soon man. Also congrats on Navy Seaman.
    Konrad - I feel you've been a bit iffy around me, but hey your still a good friend to me. Lead the marines for me, I wanna see them as the most praised one day, like in the older days.
    Kopa - Even if your not interested in VCMDR or CMDR anymore, try to help the marines out with commanding, they could use some serious help sometimes, and your pretty good at that sorta thing. I'll stay in contact with you though ;p (PS. Buy Phantom the Tenga Egg)
    Other people I wanna thank: You made my experience that much better.
    Tumz - "Subscribe to Piesmartguy" Stop I hate you for that xD
    Danny - Usaf Legend, friendly and funny as hell
    Lego - We've butted heads once in awhile, but your a great guy, let USAF "Soar" To it's potential 
    Eiffel - "Eiffel's Ghazni Pizza, Todays Special, Bullets." -Injoker
    Reborn - "I Ate your ****ing ass out kid faster than a minecraft dirt block with a shovel" Your too funny man xD
    Snowy - The Secret Loli of The USMC, still funny and a good friend to this day :3
    Tempest - "Pie, you deny my order, I'm going to **** you up bb" Pie backs the **** up xD
    Felix - Welcome to Minor Gen, have fun and lead USAF and the rest of US well
    Yard - "If I get on, and USAF is slacking, I'm going to... uh... Eat them out" -Yard 2018
    Spawn - Great guy and I'd be happy to see you come back from time to time, but we haven't even talked so idk what's up ;-; Miss ya though
    Mervin - Honestly one of the best officers on this planet. You better get VCMDR soon
    Mike - "Agh, Cyka Blyat" Kills Pie and Private "****ing noob" -Mike
    Injoker - Proceeds to Tali bomb me 5 times to get me away from my office ;-;
    Shadow (Army) - "P I E" Pie(Tired): What? Shadow: Hi ^-^
    Alsher - Made me play roblox so much that I got excited for engine parts. Send help
    Perry - "Wait, does drinking blood make me look infected?" "Hey let's kill the- Oh wait wrong voice chat" Gets voted off 5 minutes later -Perry 2018 Deceit
    Syth - I'm too tired whenever you say ello to me sorry lad still a cool guy tho xD
    NoOne - Hands me flamethrowers to send Niko and Gaur to the Gulag, Truly must have been a past Nazi O.o? (Jk don't ban bb your cool)
    Green - Snipes me on SZ  Pie:"****in Green" Kills me with rifle again Pie: " G R E E N   Y O U   S L U T "
    Androntel - "Ok Pie make some squads" Pie sighs, Androntel: "IT'S A TEST MAKE SOME DAMN SQUADS" Androntel your too funny keep doing what your doing xD
    Sam - I forgot to add you sorry lad ;-;. Thanks for the "Great background" for my "Channel"... I hate you for that (Nah jk but srsly no more of that Piesmartguy shit)
    Finally, I'll miss all of you marines. Make me proud, and get shit done out there. I gotta a battle I gotta fight in real life now, but right now your battle is in ghazni. **** em up, and make the US shine for who they really should be. I really don't know a single marine that I don't like, your all good people, and really the only thing besides my friends that actually kept me going. Thanks guys.
    I'll be on TS. Maybe helping with war or spying on you guys as a US PVT. I'm here if you need help, but I ain't the guy to talk to for marine shit anymore, that's Konrad's job.
    See you soon
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  9. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Waffles LOA   

    Sounds good, just don't miss the magic bus.
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  10. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Activity   

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  11. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic I'm back   

    Welcome back
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  12. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Crimsons Transfer Form   

    Let me put some light into the situation.
    If you don't want to read the info below, basically Crimson didn't really like being in the army and he wanted to join marines for quite awhile.
    Because of this, people may come to believe he stayed in army then switched when he could not get any higher to get a good rank in MC. That's not the case.
    He has wanted to become a Marine for awhile, however he could not really ever get the chance to talk with High MC members ever since 1SG (At least that was when he mentioned it, maybe it was a higher or lower rank like SSGT, not sure.)
    Me and mervin finally got to talk to him and we eventually got him transferred. The fact that he got CPT then switched is really just coincidence. However he wanted to keep his rank and at the time we had almost completely empty CPT Slots, so we needed some CPT's.
    If there's any questions, let me know. However please don't Bother him for his decision.
    (PS: also thanks you made him resign hope you feel better)
    -USMC Major General Pie 
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  13. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Jazz Trainer Application   

    See an HTO or me for training.
    -USMC Major General Pie
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  14. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Davis’s CPT App   

    See COL+ For Training. Or see me.
    -USMC Major General Pie
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  15. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Why you should join USAF   

    Why are we doing this again?
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