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  1. Funboy added a post in a topic A few small PD suggestions   

    I think the gas mask would be good for Maj+ because PD command it allowed to move in with tactical units at raids and the bank.
    ~ Funboy 
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  2. Funboy added a post in a topic Police Cars   

    Pd can spawn more than one cars from one dealer they removed the thing where you could only spawn 1 car
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  3. Funboy added a topic in Secret Service   

    Funboy’s SS 48 hour notice
    this is my 48 hour notice for SS I feel that I am not active enough on SS and I am to focused on PD command, SRT and staff so I am leaving SS so I have more time it other departments and staff that is why I am leaving SS good bye.
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  4. Funboy added a topic in General Discussions   

    Why and how I joined GL and some other things
    How I joined GL and other things that happened and who we should be proud of.
    So it was around the end of May and I was moved and stuff then I just was randomly playing gmod before I knew about role play servers and one day I was at home on a real bad laptop and then join this server it took a while because I had slow WiFi and non of the addons and I didn’t know how to change jobs and then when I figured it out the first thing I became was a CDT the patrol officer and I go a ride and my mic was really bad then I installed something to fixed the audio and it was better then I became staff after I got a gaming desktop the one I have know and I played gaminglight from there on I have been here over a year and I think the players and staff are nice I like seening some staff members become a trial mod and now their like admins or super admins, head of staff, and a manager. Also I got PD command and loved that and now I’m a LT I used to be CPT a while ago but I think I can work my way up the ranks I will be presistant and not stop to I get to my goal same with staff I been a mod a while but I am still going and not going to stop to I get to my goal. That is how I found gaminglight and some things that happed.
    please post how you found gaminglight 
    also so thanks to all the players and staff members or I wouldn’t be in this community and Zeeptin because he was the start to this amazing community I just wish everyone would than all the players and staff and Zeeptin for this wonderful community and just be nice to each other if you have a problem with someone just try to get along or just stay away from them but at the end of the day we are all friends and just want to injoy this community. 
    And also say thank you to all the players and staff for all the stress everyone has we might not get along all the time but we are still a community and we have to work together to keep it a good community.
    thank you to all the players and staff. 
    I hope you like this letter I made or note you could say.
    also I stayed and this community for a long time because I think everyone is nice no matter what if they don’t have a mic they might be a male or a female not matter what they are still a person and they have feelings so don’t do something you don’t want did to you.
    ps all seriousness aside nimo is not a human he’s a fish all jokes aside still respect him i know some people might not like me or nimo to much but we all are still people and just because of your voice if someone doesn’t sound the best is ok not everyone has the same voice and is the same tone and yours just be
    Thats it 
    ~ Funboy 
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  5. Funboy added a post in a topic Mini game V.2   

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  6. Funboy added a post in a topic Where do you want to live when older?   

    Be an FBI agent in Washington DC
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  7. Funboy added a post in a topic Giving PD Command The Stunstick   

    maybe not give command the actual stun stick because then they might randomly hit people it just helps whitelist people like if you edit your car you can spawn a prop infront to edit it but the stun stick isn’t the whitelist system just maybe have like CPT or MAJOR plus have access to bwhitelist because people can hit and hurt people hitting them with a stun stick. Or just have high command have bwhitelist
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  8. Funboy added a post in a topic Move Cadet Spawn Location   

    also then the garage could be PD command parking because the other spaces are taken up most the time.
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  9. Funboy added a post in a topic Mini game V.2   

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  10. Funboy added a post in a topic Mini game V.2   

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  11. Funboy added a post in a topic Mini game   

    bar in
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  12. Funboy added a post in a topic MilitaryRP Staff Rollcall 5/27/18 - 6/10/18   

    In game Name: Funboy 
    Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:160296390
    Staff Rank: moderator
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  13. Funboy added a post in a topic Mini game V.2   

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  14. Funboy added a post in a topic Mini game V.2   

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  15. Funboy added a post in a topic Mini game   

    To see if he had any drugs because 
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